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Doing Investigations

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Ideas on how to run an investigation

Setting up an investigation

Now this is a lot easier then some folks would like to think. A lot of these places may have already been approached for this reason alone. Also remember that they maybe aware of the spirits that reside there and may already have an open mind to what your about to do. One thing I also have come across, is a lot of these folks would like to have proof that theres paranormal activity there. Just to show friends, family and others that they are not crazy.

Contact the owner or someone in charge. If you find the managers not really interested in what you are trying to do. Work your way up the ladder. Your bound to find someone that maybe able to pull some strings. It also helps to have away to show them some of your past work or even findings. Once you get your foot in the door.

Setup a walkthrough

This will help you to have a more successful investigation. Also you can use this time to get the interview out of the way. Make sure you get a release form signed by the owner. This will allow you to post any findings you find. You may also use this chance to map out the area and get some EMF and temp readings for the investigation. It will help you to take control pictures too. So you can document any strange things while you were there. Always keep a log and have those living in the area to keep one too. You want to try and see if there is a pattern to the activity. If you got activity showing up at 3 in the afternoon and you dont start your investigation until 6pm. Your chances of experiencing anything paranormal has just become very slim. thats why is good to do the interview and research. One last thing, if you have psychics or sensitive in your group. Dont have them on the walkthrough, you dont want to do anything to interfere with their readings and for a scientific approach, you want to keep them as cold as possible ( this does not require refrigeration )

The investigation

Now heres the part youve been waiting for. Make sure you give yourself at least 4 hours on the site. Next the first thing you should do is have a meeting spot out side of the investigation location. This will allow everyone to enter the site at the same time and you dont have to worry about anyone starting before you. One thing we do on our investigations is have the psychics and sensitive along with the techs go through the location separately. Then after theyve covered all the location spots. They all get back together for a meeting. This is a good way for your group to compare feelings and findings without anyone corrupting anyones feelings or findings. Then the rest of the investigation is up to you. You can run experiments and tests. This is also a good time to run infrared if you happen to have infrared cameras. Also dont forget to set up some EVP recorders.

Well I hope this will help any up coming groups. We wish you the best and you're more then welcome to contact us if you have any other questions. But please have a happy and SAFE hunting

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