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How to start your own investigation group

I get lots of E-mails from folks asking how to start their own ghost hunting group. One thing to keep in mind and that I find is true. Is that what you put into it, is what you get out of it. The more hard work I've put into my own group has really paid off. You'll find it to be a full time job.

First things first, look into your area and log some of the sites that have or have been reported to be haunted. You want to make notes of possible locations you will like to check into. Next start posting ads, fliers or start asking around to see if there are others around that may want to join your group and may be able to help you get started. Next start thinking of a name for your group. You may want to look on the internet to make sure your not copying any other groups name. The last thing you want is a group mad at you for copying their name and it also may help you to get some ideas. Once you figured out your groups name. One thing that has really helped me, was starting up a website. If you dont know htmls. thats fine, try Tripod. They host for free and have website setup programs. This will also help get folks around you to possibility join and it shows possible clients how serious you are with the work you do. Also look into getting business cards printed up. Next start collecting your ghost hunting tools. Now these can get very expensive. But like I said earlier, the more you put into it the more youll get out of it. There are also lots of inexpensive equipment and ways to do this. I just choose to work with the higher end toys. Because I really want to provide some real hard facts. I know lots of folks cant always afford this. Once you've gotten the basics, start designing your reports. Remember the more info and details you can provide your readers, the more it builds your credibility. This will also help you to remember everything that went on during the investigation. Next set up a day for meetings. Now you can meet as many times as you would like. But at least have one meeting a month. This helps to get all of your members on the same page and lets everyone provide comments or even ideas for up coming sites. Also looking to some sort of training and maybe some guest speakers. This is another way to help get all your members on the same level. Last but not least , Make sure you keep it fun. If your members start to feel like its becoming a job. They may not want to stick around. Some of the fun stuff you may like to try is have a ghost movie night. Go on field trips, take a local ghost tour or maybe just hangout for fun. Anything to keep everyone happy will help provide a healthy relationship with your members.

Next check out our Doing Investigations Page for more information that may help you in getting started.

Well I think I touched on about everything and I hope this was a big help

The best to you and your efforts to getting your investigation group started.

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