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Haunted Mistakes

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There are a lot of things that can give folks the idea that a location could be haunted. By doing this report it should help you all understand what to look for and to eliminate the natural elements that cause these mistakes.

1. Once folks get the idea that a location could be haunted, then natural events become paranormal, such as misplacing objects and blaming the ghost. Normal property-settling noises become ghostly phenomena.

2. Folks may be unaware of their own psychic abilities. They walk into a location and pick up energies that may give them the idea that the location is haunted when, in fact, its just them picking up on residual energy of current or past events.

3. Very commonly the over-active imagination will be a cause for mistaking a location for being haunted. Some folks have a hard time separating fact from fiction.

4. Just because the property is old, rundown, or even has traumatic history. It does not mean that it's haunted. 

5. Rumors. Someone has been passing on a story for years and we all know how stories can be turned around through the years to support a thrilling tale. One little event becomes something much larger then it was.

6. Fakes. Be aware that there are folks out there that seek attention. That's why its good to do your interviews over and over to see if their stories change and do your research . Unfortunately, this is also why it's so hard for us to prove that the afterlife exists, due to the many fraudulent cases we have to overcome to prove our own theories.

7. Hollywood.  Due to Hollywood's portrayal of ghosts, it's commonly thought that ghost are mean, horrible creatures that are out to get us. They also falsify the facts just to make it scary. When in fact, in most cases, ghosts are just trying to pass on a message or just want to be left alone.  Remember that it's hardly evident that ghosts will harm you.

When pursuing a hobby of hunting ghosts or just trying to live with them try to keep an open mind with a fair amount of skepticism. You want to do your research to rule out the norm to help support any paranormal activity.