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How to do your own EVP's

One of the most amazing things to come by when doing an investigation. Electronic Voice Phenomena this is where you run a tape recorder at a haunted location. You can ask the spirits questions or just let it run. Its when you play it back that you get some of the greatest results. At times you can get voice imprints from the spirits themselves. They can be heard answering questions, making comments or just making some strange noises. I have heard some of the most incredible EVPs on various websites and you can check them out on their links below.

How to do an EVP

The first thing you need to do is get yourself a good tape recorder with a counter. Some use mini cassette recorders or even digital recorders. But for the best results please use your standard tape recorder. Next and this is the most important thing to remember. Use a external microphone. This will keep you from recording the internal sounds a tape recorder can make. Its one good way to prevent them from being mistaken as EVP. Now you want to purchase name brand tapes. A lot of cheap generic tapes may have flaws on the tape and these could be mistaken as EVPs. Try to keep your tapes no longer then 90 minutes. Remember you will have to go back an listen to them and the longer they are. The more time it will take you to review them. If asking the spirits questions you can run shorter recording times. But if you are monitoring a room you will want it to run the whole length.

Tips on trying to capture EVP

1. When asking questions, remember to leave 15 to 20 seconds of silence. This will give the spirit the chance to reply.

2. Use high bias tapes. This will give you a higher quality of recording and also a better chance at picking up EVPs

3. Try to keep all back round noise down and make note to any noises you hear by stating it on the tape when you hear it. This will help to prevent any strange noises as EVPs

4. Have everyone in the room state their name and time on the tape before you start working on the EVP. This will help you to have a sample of everyones voice to compare to any possible EVPs

5. It doesnt hurt to let the spirits know that you are trying to record their voice. They just may give you the results your looking for.

6. And this is most important, Do Not Whisper while doing EVPs. You dont want yours or anyone else voice mistaken as EVP.

So now go out and try it for yourself. We wish you the best

If you have anything to add to this or need more info. Please feel free to contact us.


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