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Why do we do reports?

Why do we do them you ask? Well, one of the main reasons is to document all our findings. If you don't, you can easily forget some important detail. It also helps us provide our viewers with a more detailed investigation. Our goal is to provide facts that ghosts may exists. So writing down everything that happened on an investigation helps us give you all the facts. This can also help us study a pattern at the site and it can help us with answers to some things we may have over looked. Now I know doing reports can take some of the fun out of doing a ghost hunt, but if you want to build some credibility to your investigations, some school work has to be done. We have our investigators fill out two reports per investigation. This is the job report (tech, psychic, observers) and a final record. The object is to try and get as much info from your team as possible. Again the more detail you give, the more it helps for others to trust your findings. Now no one said this was going to be easy work. Always remember to collect information on the properties past and present. You will also want to record the times, weather, moon phases and solar activity for that day. These will help to determine if there is a pattern to the activity reported. So again if your not willing to do the work others may not take you seriously and if thats the case, your investigations become worthless.