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Orbs, What are they?

There have been many questions asked on the topic of orbs. But never a defendant answer given. It seems that everyone has their own ideas to what orbs might be. So we have put together this page to hopefully help others and ourselves to find the answers. Now there are those out there that may believe that orbs are individual spirits and those that believe that they are the energy behind the haunting activity and even those who may believe that orbs are just dust, bugs and even reflection. So with our insight and info we may help to being all questions to an end and leaving what you may think orbs are is completely up to you.

Now I can admit that orbs in photos don't look very impressive. But when you see them on film. Its completely another story. I've seen orbs move through walls, ceiling and floors. They have also moved at incredible speeds turning on a dime. At times I've seen an orb come in real slow then dart off as if it had noticed me and one time I even saw one doing a cautious loop until it was out of site. Now I know theres more to this then dust or even reflection. Some orbs have done things that no bugs can do. So lets try to keep an open mind about all this.

Statement #1

While doing some testing at Dianas house one evening. We had come across some great orb activity. Here's an example. Later that evening we started to capture orbs on our infrared camera. These anomalies were traveling along the floor at fast speeds. Now these where not reflection or dust. The floor was covered in carpet and the orbs traveled in the opposite direction and faster then the camera moved. Also later that night we captured an orb as large as one of our members head shoot straight up behind him and through the ceiling. Now that was something I felt couldnt be explained. But then I maybe wrong, it just gives us all something to think about.

Statement #2

There have been times where we have found a great deal of dust in the air. Yet we at times seem to not capture any orbs. There are also times when there seems to be no dust in the air and we have captured lots of orbs. Now Im not the best house keeper in the world and I've seen the dust that collects on all my stuff. But one thing Ive noticed is through out all the photos Ive taken at my place or other places that have no reports of haunting activity. I seem to not find any orbs around.

Statement #3

In all of our investigations or expeditions we always carry an EMF detector on us. So in a lot of our photos that show orbs. We also show that in some cases we had gotten EMF reading at the same time. Now we know you dont get EMF readings off of dust, bugs or even reflection. Just another thing to keep in mind.

Statement #4

On all cases we do take note of the dust factor and one way to do this is by watching your flash on your camera. If you see any sparkles in the air when you take the picture. Those sparkles are the dust in the air. I myself watch for this and compare this to my photos.

Statement #5


The same Orb has been capture by two different cameras at the same time. To get an orb affect from a dust particle. That particle has to be directly in front of the lens of the camera. So when you have two cameras go off at the same time and you find both shots have an orb in the same location in that shot. Then you’d have to rule out dust.


Statement #6


The intelligence test, in some cases when capturing orbs in some locations. We have asked orbs to do certain tasks. Like “Could you now move a foot down in my next shot?” or “Could you show up on a certain persons lad in my next picture?” We have found that these requests were being for filled by the orbs, showing they do carry some intelligence.


Statement #7


At times we are lucky enough to capture an orb covered half way by an object. Meaning that the orb would have been several feet away from the camera lens. Depending on the object its behind defeats the dust factor.


Statement #8


It is believed that orbs are a new phenomena caused by digital cameras. This is NOT true. 35mm cameras have captured orbs as well. Plus Polaroid and video. So this rules out any digital camera flaws.

Now here's what we think what might be going on. We believe that orbs are the energy behind hauntings and at times seem to show some sort of personality. Could they be the spirit itself? Thats something well have to do more research on. It does seem that when we do witness any phenomena theres always an orb near by. Maybe their the feelers for the spiritual energy on the location. Ether way in time the answers will be found. Now I'm not saying that dust, rain, moisture in the air, reflection or bugs don't cause orbs. Because they very much can. I'm just stating that orbs do exist and I haven't seen enough proof that dust could be causing all of this. But I myself will keep an open mind to it all and do my best to provide you all with the facts.

Things to look for and try

1. Look for Bright and solid orbs

2. Look for orbs that show movement when no motion should be present . Such as wind, breezes or quick movement in the area just prior to the photo

3. Don't forget to check for readings in the area where the orbs are showing up

4. Check to see if you are getting orbs on video and if so, use this video to document the orb activity

5. Have others take the same picture at the same time at other ends of the room. Then look to see if they pick up on the same orbs in the same places.


Now we know that orbs exist and there will be challenges to try and prove this. But if we work together on this. We are bound to find what we are looking for.


Energy anomalies recorded at some haunted sites. Orbs are not visible to the naked eye but can be seen through infrared monitors and can be recorded on photographic film. When they show up, they appear to be luminosities that are round or diffuse, and even rectangular in shape. Detection and study of orbs has developed with the advent of high technology ghost investigation.

Orbs appear to be a form of energy of unknown origin. They are not stray light sources, insects or dust particles. They are not sufficiently strong enough to set off nay type of detection meters, nor do they have sufficient mass to set off infrared motion detectors. They seem to defy gravity and change directions, sometimes quickly. They twinkle. They react to the presence of people: they increase in number when people are present in a haunted location. They appear both indoors and outdoors. They cannot be explained by static discharge such as that which is created by walking on carpet, for they are recorded in buildings that have no carpet. Orbs are not the same as ghost lights, which are similar in shape and behavior, but which are much brighter and are visible to the naked eye.

From the book "Ghosts and Spirits", by Rosemary Ellen Guiley

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