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Ways of Communication

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If you find that you maybe dealing with an intelligent entity. There are ways you can try to make contact with this spiritual energy. Making contact is one way to try and find out what maybe going on in your home or even who it might be a hunting your place or the location. Theres been lots of new discovered ways of communication and even the old ones work just as well. Heres a list of tools to help you to try and make contact with the entity and this can also help you to find out if you may have an intelligent being on your location.

1. EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena): this is where you run a tape recorder in the active area and ask questions into the air and when you play the tape back you just may get your answers. (for more information on this look under EVP on this website)

2. Ouija board: A board pre-printed with letters, numerals, and words used by mediums to receive spirit communications. Usually a planchatte (palm-sized triangular platform) is employed to spell out words or point out numbers or letters. A game version of the Ouija board was mass-marketed as OUIJA by Parker Brothers in 1966 and is currently distributed by Hasbro.

3. Video Feedback Loop or Transcommunication video: This is where you produce a video feedback image. It is believed to open a channel for images from the other side to show up.

4. Sťance: A group of people who gather in an effort to communicate with the dead

5. Automatic Writing: Writing without being aware of the contents, as when a medium apparently transcribes written messages from disembodied spirits.

6. Paper & Pen test: This is where you write a question down on a piece of paper for the spirit to answer. You then leave the pen and paper with the question behind and hopefully when you return your question will be answered

7. Scrabble tiles: This is where you lay some letter tiles out in an active room and ask the spirit to leave a message for you for when you return.

8. Channeling: The process by which a medium apparently allows a spirit to communicate through his or her person

9. DVP (Direct Voice Phenomena): A spirit voice, spoken directly to sitters at a seance. The sound usually seems to come from a point near the medium, or through a spirit horn or trumpet, but not from the mouth of the medium

10. RVP (Radio Voice Phenomena): Receiving the voice of a deceased human being over a regular radio

If we have missed any other ways of communication. Please feel free to contact us. We love to hear them.