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Controlling your ghosts

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We have had plenty of emails from folks asking about how to get rid of their ghosts. In most cases it depends on the kind of activity you have lurking in your walls. If it so happens to be a residual haunting, being that the energy has no intelligence and is like a memory playing over and over. The energy has no idea of whats going on around it and your chances of getting rid of it are much harder then an entity with intelligence. In this case, there is a way to try and communicate with this being. Some folks believe with a cleansing or a blessing of the property this will get rid of all spiritual activity. That is not always the case. I truly believe in most cases it would most likely take some sort of channeling session to make these energies to find a way to move on. If you think of it, some of these ghosts don't know that they are even dead. So by just telling them to leave or step into the light does not always work. It may take time to work with these energies to move on. But there are some things you can do to help control the situation. One is by acknowledge the activity. Give the ghost a name. If you are not sure who it could be haunting the location then make one up. By doing this you have let the spiritual energy know that you are aware of it's presence. Take the time to greet the spirit in the morning or even say goodnight or even goodbye when you leave the property. In most cases these entities are just looking for acknowledgement and you may find some activity will decrease. Next if you feel uncomfortable having the spirit around, try placing some ground rules by telling the ghost or spirit to stay in one place such as a chair or a location such as a room that is not being used. Also if you tell the energy to stop doing certain things that you believe the ghost may be causing, and by doing this in a stern voice, you may find this may also decrease some activity. But that is not always the case. In some cases acknowledgement can increase some activity and if you find that to be true, then try to do your best to ignore any strange activity. You might dealing with spiritual energy that likes the attention. If you still seek to try and remove the ghost , you may want to contact any professionals in your area. But being that we are Ghost Researchers NOT GHOST BUSTERS, we are only looking for evidence that these ghosts may exist and wish for a chance to look into some of these cases before the activity is removed.

I hope this information helps anyone that may be dealing with any activity. Just remember that every case is different and unique. We ourselves believe that every case should be handled with respect towards the entities, because at one time they were folks just like us.

These are just personal thoughts or ideas. You are entitled to your own and we welcome those of others.