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Bush House


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A.G.H.O.S.T. Members involved

Ross, Patricia, Mark, Cody

Location  Index, WA
Weather  cold with light rain and snow
Moon phase
Solar activity
Present inhabitants  Staff and guests
Past activity reported   apparitions, noises, things being moved and smells
Buildings age  1800
Anomalous EMF readings  some
Anomalous thermal readings  none
Activity found Ecto, orbs and apparitions of childern

The Bush House in the 1800's


In the late 1880s, Amos Gunn purchased land and established the town Index, Washington, named for the fingerlike peak of nearby Mount Index. Settlers built a small hotel to feed and house local miners and workers building the Great Northern Railway. The town also had a sawmill which cut lumber for mineshaft supports, railroad ties, and bridges.


This investigation was arranged by WSGS (Washington State Ghost Society) and A.G.H.O.S.T. was invited to attend.

The members from our group consisted of Ross, Patricia, Mark, and our newest member, Cody.

We arrived in Index, WA at about 3:00 pm on February 23rd. After unloading our equipment and checking into our room at The Bush House, we met up with the WSGS members in the dining room to discuss the strategy of the investigation.

First on the agenda was a visit to the cottage next door to The Bush House. We were led by Robbie, the chef, who showed us through the cottage, which sits uninhabited due to safety reasons, while telling the tales of strange events which have been witnessed.

Most intriguing, was the tale of the woman and three children, two boys and a girl, who appeared in the window in the front of the cottage, dressed in period attire.

After touring the rooms, we were given free reign of the cottage, where we took pictures and video footage, hoping to capture some evidence of whatever presence is there.

We walked around the outside of the cottage and decided to check the basement area under the house, which consists of a dirt floor and was only accessible from the outside. Ross climbed down into the basement area and snapped pictures with the digital camera, which turned out to show some definite ecto activity.

As it was cold and raining, we all decided to return to The Bush House, but it was planned that a stationary video camera would be set up in the upstairs of the cottage after dark and left there, to see if any unusual activity occurred.

The next couple of hours were spent checking out the site, taking pictures and discussing what the evenings events would consist of.

As night fell and the rain let up, the group headed outside once again. More investigation around the cottage showed a great deal of orb activity, as well as some surprising photos of ectoplasm, which proves that a definite presence exists in and around the cottage....perhaps more than one!!!

After setting up the stationary video camera in the upstairs of the cottage, we all decided to relax until the dining room was closed and we had the opportunity to check out that area of The Bush House.

While killing time, Cody showed some video that he had taken during the course of the afternoon. Interviews of some of The Bush House employees told stories of seeing and hearing children playing in the yard of the cottage, hearing voices while dumping the trash and then witnessing a bush shaking when there was no wind, and the woman who, while staying in room #9, hanged herself upon hearing the news that her husband had died while working in the mines.

With this latter story in mind, another camera had been set up in room #9, which is said to be the haunted room. It is located on the second floor, at the end of the hallway at the bottom of the stairs leading to the third floor. These stairs are blocked off and access to the third floor is denied. When questioned about the third floor, employees of The Bush House are very evasive.

It is believed that it is in this stairwell that the woman, whos name is believed to be Alice, hanged herself, sometime in the 1930s or 40s.

Activity has also been reported in room #8, which is directly across the hall from room #9. Upon entering this room, there have been reports of the smell of lavender, reminiscent of a time long past. This smell was noticed on a few occasions throughout the day by the WSGS members, who were staying in the room.

At around 11:00 pm, the dining room was closed to the public and The Bush House was silent, except for the investigating members of A.G.H.O.S.T. and WSGS.

We entered the dining room and, after a few minutes of walking through to get a feel for the area and taking pictures, we all sat down for an attempt to contact whatever spirits may be present.

A tape recorder was set up with the hopes of capturing some EVP (Electromagnetic Voice Phenomena), while video footage was also taken.

After several unsuccessful minutes, we decided to spend the rest of the evening concentrating on other areas of The Bush House, inside and out, as we were the only guests and had the property to ourselves.

Outside, it was beginning to snow. Several of us decided to check out the back area of the grounds, where a shed was located near the trash dumpster.

More photos and video taken inside, upstairs near and inside room #9, show a great deal of orb activity, however, the camera that was set up in the room did not record any unusual activity.

A.G.H.O.S.T. finally retired at around 2:00 am, while the WSGS and A.G.H.OS.T. member Cody stayed up and held a channeling session in room #9, however, we cannot report on this, as we were not present. But Cody did get lots of orb action on video.

When morning arrived, the camera was retrieved from the cottage and we prepared to pack up and head for home, but, before leaving, Ross and Patricia took a few more daylight photos outside around The Bush House. Photos taken by Patricia showed some ecto activity inside the shed where, one story suggests, a boy, who lived at the cottage next door, was assaulted and then killed. Is it possible that he is one of the entities present at The Bush House?


Upon later examination of the video footage, nothing seemed to show up from the stationary camera set up in the cottage overnight, but some video captured by Cody outside the cottage, shows the eerie figures of , what appear to be children seen through the windows facing the back yard. In the video, these figures seem to cross the room and then disappear out of sight.

Though the investigation was successful, we came away with more questions than answers. There is no doubt that there are several different entities inhabiting this old structure, as well as the grounds and cottage next door. We feel that there is a greater story, that is being kept under wraps by those who work at The Bush House. We get the impression that there is a great deal that they are not willing to discuss. We look forward to a return visit, with hopes of finding answers.

Our many thanks to WSGS and all of those associated with The Bush House for their generous cooperation, and allowing us to perform this investigation.

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