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Bill's Place


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A.G.H.O.S.T. members present:

Ross, Patricia, Dana, Barbie, Charles, Rick, Crystal

Date      June 27, 2002            Time: 8pm - 11pm
Location  Buckley, Washington
Location Type  Private Residence
Weather Cloudy, Slight Drizzle
Temp  66
Moon phase Waning Gibbous
Solar X-Rays Normal
Geomagnetic   Quiet
Present inhabitants  Rose and Bill Hayes, 3rd owners
Past activity reported  Circles have appeared in gravel driveway, Rose has captured orbs within pictures of family, and ecto outside on property. Knocking on front door from outside, no one present when door opened.
Building's age  House built in 1988, present owners moved in 1997.
Anomalous EMF readings 
Anomalous thermal readings
Tests or Experiments Run  Several photos taken with 35mm cameras as well as digital cameras, video, EVP,EMF, and Plasma Ball.
Activity found
Probable Haunting Type(s)

Rose produced several 35mm pictures that were taken of the property and displayed ecto. She also had pictures of family members in which orbs were also present. Her son, Sean also claimed that he saw "fire" outside that disappeared at night. Several family members have witnessed strange circles that have appeared in their gravel driveway. The time frame of these circles were unclear. The family members also reported hearing knocks on the front door, upon opening the door no one was present. They also have heard noises from the upstairs hallway or bathroon while they were downstairs.
The team arrived at 8pm. Introductions were made, relatives and several friends of the owners were also present during the investigation.