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Jodie's Place


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A.G.H.O.S.T. Members involved

Ross, Vorpral, Anita, Claire, Rick, Charles

Location  Tacoma, WA
Weather  rainy and cool
Moon phase   sliver
Solar activity     X-Ray = active     Geomag.= quiet
Present inhabitants  Elderly woman
Past activity reported   Apparition of a white lady and noises
Building's age  Built in 1940, it was purchased by the second owner in 1960 and has been her residence since then.
Anomalous EMF readings  none
Anomalous thermal readings  none
Activity found  Orbs and ecto


Jodie was brought to our attention through a friend of ours. We then contacted her sometime later to find out her story.

Jodie lives in a small two bedroom house built in 1940 . The house had been through some notable changes through the years, and lies somewhat quiet with its elderly single owner. It seems that some nights Jodie is awaken by party noises in her living room. To Jodie's surprise, when she goes to join in on the festivities, there's no one in sight and the house goes back to being dead quiet. It also seems that she is quite often visited by a lady in white with long dark hair and white flowing gown. Jodie had mentioned that this white lady had followed her all over the world, and appeared to her one evening while she lay in bed, back when she was in her late thirties. Now it seems that her ghostly friend shows up a lot more than she used to. Could she be just a eccentric old woman, or is there something to her stories? That was for us to try and find out.


Patricia and I arrived a little after 6pm one evening to meet with Jodie. We started off with the basic interview questions. Then we proceeded to take photos throughout the house and property. I had taken a few pictures when I started to get orbs showing up here and there. It had been raining off and on so any orb activity outside had to be discredited. We finally had a chance to get some decent outside pictures when the rain had let up... that's when things started to pick up. To my surprise, I started to have ecto show up on my digital camera. It was not cold outside, and there was no sign of any smoke source. I then called it to Patricia's attention so she could try to capture some of the ecto as well. I then captured what appeared to be a strange light formation, where no light was present. It was then that the ecto began to disappear. The exterior photos lasted for about a hour, and we then made our way back into the house. 

 We then began our infrared test, which helps us to try and observe any orb activity. Things seemed to start out slow, but later in the evening we began to pick up some orb activity. I had a few appear in the guest bedroom. Some also appeared in the living room, and one ventured down a tiny hallway. Shortly thereafter, we ended up packing it up for the night, and as we started, we heard a scratching sound coming from what seemed to be over the front door. I hurried to take some pictures and was able to get some orbs in the area. This had been the first time Jodie had heard such a noise. After that we called it a night and made our way back home.



Being that it was a rainy night we had to focus our energies to the inside. The investigation started as always with our Sensitizes and techs walking the grounds and collecting reading. As Jodie and her friend sat back and watched. Being that the second bedroom seemed to have more activity the last time we were here. I wanted to get SPECTRE set up in there as soon as possible. The readings from this room ended up being nothing of abnormal. One interesting thing was it seemed Claire had a dream about this room the night before. But this is no evidence of it being active with paranormal activity. Most of the Psychic imprints seemed to be on the grounds and in the master bedroom. As soon as the sensitives finished in the second bedroom we had Joel and Rick begin to set up SPECTRE. Within the Hour the team was ready to collect the first readings of the night. We closed off the room and ran SPECTRE for an hour. Mean while the digital camera was picking up very little orb activity. It seemed that most of the orbs were showing up around Jodie as she sat in the corner of the living room observing us. In this case could she be an agent of some sort. To answer that, we would need to investigate her out of her environment. But that will have to be another investigation and due to some health reasons. We may not have the chance to focus our attentions to this.

At this point we gathered in the living room for a group discussion and to discuss the psychic impressions that Anita and Claire had been feeling. With feelings of vertigo in the kitchen, children playing in the loft of the Garage, a present of a woman in the front yard and energies coming from Jodie herself. It seems Clair felt some sort of energy swirling around her like a tornado. Only much flatter and moving very slowly.

After the discussion and in waiting for SPECTRE to finish and darkness to far so we could move onto infrared taping. We took a break and had dinner at a local dinner. By the time we got back SPECTRE was done. The readings were flat lined, which seemed to match up to the lack of activity we had been collecting. But there was a few other things we wanted to try And being that we had gotten some good readings on the walkthrough. We were keeping our figures crossed in hoping something might show up later in the night. At this point we decided to set SPECTRE up in the master bedroom where some psychic impressions of a heaviness was felt. As SPECTURE was being setup once again. We setup for EVP and got two infrared cameras ready to go.

Now we were ready to try for EVP and hopefully capture some activity on video. As SPECTRE ran for another hour in the other bedroom. We focused on asking questions into the air and taking infrared along with EMF and temp readings. Throughout SPECTUREs run we did witness a few orbs on infrared. Two in the kitchen, one in the second bedroom and one in the living room. Other then that it seemed to be a very quiet night. With SPECTRE turning up another flat line reading and decided it wasnt the night for ghosts to pay us any attention. With that in mind we packed it up and called it a night.

When going back on our findings or lack of. We may look into the possibility that in this case it maybe energies focused on Jodie or from her.

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