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Oxford Saloon


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The Oxford Saloon

911 First St. Snohomish Washington.


Along the banks of the Snohomish River, lies the town on Snohomish. A small dairy, farming and timber town, it is a picturesque example of Victorian living with its historic business and residential districts that encompass a wide variety of architectural styles. Located on First St. is the Oxford Saloon. A two-story structure, built in the Western Italianate style, it is typical of buildings of the Late Victorian age with wide plate glass windows and high ceilings on the first floor with residences above. The structure dates to 1889 and was built for Blackman Dry Goods. In 1910, it was turned into a saloon and has been in various stages, a shoe and boot store, an arcade and real estate offices before being completely renovated in 1992 by the current owners.
-Wolf C, Director of Research