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A.G.H.O.S.T. Members involved

Ross, Patricia, Mark, Claire, Anita, Rick, Cody, Glenn, Vorpral, Shella, Rachelle, Chas 

Location  Downtown Seattle, Pioneer square
Weather  Cool / light rain
Moon phase
Solar activity
Present inhabitants  Tour guides & tourists
Past activity reported   Apparitions =  young miner and older man
Buildings age  1880's
Anomalous EMF readings  none
Anomalous thermal readings  Some cooler spots, may be explainable
Activity found   Orbs and cold spots

This investigation started at 6:30 pm on April 14th, 2002. We all met outside Doc Maynard's before they let us venture down into the underground. The tour guide took us to the first sections ( the vault ) in which we would start our adventure. The first thing was to make out a plan. As always, we have the sensitives walk through...taking note of any energy they felt. While that was going on, Vorpral made his rounds getting EMF readings and taking measurements. As things got started, Cody was the first to capture an orb on his video camera. We then had a group meeting after everyone returned with their findings. The sensitives picked up alot of energy...including an older gentleman with a handlebar moustache. They also perceived the energy of a sick and dying young man from an old bed frame found displayed among other old artifacts. One energy that seemed to be acknowledged by all the sensitives, was that of a lady in white. They felt she might have been a "lady of the evening". One member described the dress, while another member drew it just moments before the description. Their findings concurred. After this, we all went back into the tunnels in the dark with our infrared cameras to see if we could pick up any orb activity. Things started out slow, but picked up at around 8pm. As the group got closer to the vault area (where many members had felt the presence of an older man,. the orb activity increased, and many members felt a cold spot that was so cold that you could almost see your breath. The temperature readings varied from 47 to 52 degrees. This activity lasted for about 15 to 20 minutes before stopping. By this time we had to get ready to move on to the next area. Before leaving, we placed a cassette recorder up by the vault to see if we could get any EVPs while we were gone.

At 9 pm we moved on to the second half of our investigation. This took place in the bar area, and again we had the sensitives walk around and take notes...while Vorpral gathered his readings. This time, when the group got back together, their feelings were focused on a somewhat negative energy residing in the area. They didn't get any clear images, names or faces. They felt most of this energy around a large pile of old bricks. We then turned out the lights and went though the tunnels with our infrared cameras. Because this area was very dusty, any orb activity had to be researched to check for strange moving patterns and speed. At about 9:30 pm Mark filmed a strange "caterpillar-like" object floating in the air. It was moving back and forth then darting out of view. We continued our investigation until 10 pm, at which time the tour guide came back down to get us...thus ending our investigation. Ross and Vorpral returned to the first investigation site to retrieve the cassette recorder. In doing so, they found that the recorder had not recorded anything. The microphone was on, fresh batteries were used, a new tape was also used, but we got nothing but a blank tape humming sound.

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