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Hollywood Apartments


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Date     June 20,2002           Time    8:30-10:00 pm
Location    Virginia Ave. Hollywood, CA
Location Type  Occupied residential bldg. (19 units)
Weather    Clear 
Temp  62 
Moon phase  
Solar X-Rays
Present inhabitants  18 adults
Past activity reported 
Unit #
103 - A young starlet sits by the vanity, and she has been felt by the
occupants but not seen.
104 - Seems to be a crossroads... the major activity is: 
        A: The spirit of a small dog that likes to jump up on the bed or rub up       against one's leg (about ankle high).
        B: The spirit of a young (20-ish) person has been seen twice (photos of
several orbs in the unit have been taken).
107 - Seems to have a young lady, as the occupant smells the scent of a
woman's perfume from time to time,  no source for the odor has ever        been found.
203 -  The spirit of an elderly man suffering from lung disease. (footsteps have  been reported by both current and past residents).                     
208 -  This seems to be a hotspot of activity including cold spots, the smell of tobacco in a small diameter area, & (2 non smoking tenants have witnessed
this) physical manifestations.
Basement- Orbs have been photographed down here, several occupants report feeling very uneasy & some will not go down into the basement.
Hallway -  There is the spirit of a young (mid-20's) man who, according to 2
psychics, was murdered. He roams the hallways on both floors very early in the mornings. His footsteps can be heard in the apartments. Sometimes he walks out the front door & slams it behind him.
Building's age  77 yrs old. Built in 1926
Anomalous EMF readings  Background is 1.5mg.  Reading of over 5mg found in bedroom of #104. A few spikes of 2-3mg in the hallway. EMF unreliable in basement due to the fact that the electrical boxes are located in the basement.
Anomalous thermal readings   N/A
Tests or Experiments Run  Infrared Camera
Activity found   Orbs in units #104 , 109 & basement. Also, EVP of laughter was recorded.
Probable Haunting Type(s)



While on vacation in LA, I was invited by Frank to attend an investigation he was doing on his apartment building that had reports of being haunted. This investigation took place after he conducted a small meeting with his group. We started out doing pictures and infrared in his apartment. The group consisted of me and three in his group. Within a half hour we picked up orb activity on the infrared in the back bedroom of his place. These orbs seemed to gather in only one corner of the room and they seemed to travel in a spiral fashion. We also picked up strange constant EMF readings. They where focused in the main entrance of the same room and not close to any electrical outlet. After the activity died down, we then decided to work our way around the building. I then passed the infrared camcorder to one of his members as I returned to my digital camera. In a few pictures in that apartment I picked up small to tiny orbs. We then went on to the new apartment he was moving to. In this room I also picked up a few small orbs and the infrared also did the same. It wasn't until we got down to the basement. That we picked up more activity, this is where we found much larger orbs on both the digital and infrared camera. We also picked up higher readings on the EMF, but this could be due to the fact that all the fuse boxes where near by. In fact it was in that area where the biggest orbs were captured. Could this be a feeding spot for the activity? It was about a half hour of hanging out down there that we ended up calling it a night. It was also the fact that I was expecting my ride to show anytime. This investigation lasted for about two hours and did produced some interesting readings. Being that I will not be able to look more into this. I will keep tabs on Frank and his teams findings as they will most likely plan a future investigation.