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Buckley Cem.


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A.G.H.O.S.T. Members involved

Ross, Mark, Vorparl, Rick, Charles, Barbie

Location  Buckley, WA
Weather  cool and clear
Moon phase   full
Solar activity
Present inhabitants  None
Past activity reported   None
Buildings age 
Anomalous EMF readings  Strange readings in one location
Anomalous thermal readings  none
Activity found orbs

This adventure started at 10 pm on a night of a full moon. With tools in hand, we made our way through the older part of the cemetery. Mark ran an infrared camcorder, Vorpral ran his EMF detectors, Rick, Barbie and Ross used their cameras while Charles attempted EVPs fot the first time. We all split up with walkie-talkies in our pockets. The cemetery isnt that large, so we all could still keep an eye on each other if anything should happen. It was a cloudy night and we had a hard time seeing the moon, but the orbs were still out and around us. One thing I've noticed is that on fuller moons the orbs are more solid and much brighter. I had gotten a few good orb pictures early in the investigation. The EMF readings  we were getting were just quick blips possibly reflecting orbs moving past. One section of the cemetery seemed to give off a much higherEMF readings.... this is something to keep in mind on later investigations. Mark did pick up on a orb passing by on the infrared video while I had gotten some really nice orb shots. Things still seemed a little slow. This possibly isn't a very active cemetery, for there have not been any past reports of any activity. It is still nice to have permission to do any research we like in a cemetery. The investigation lasted for about two hours, and then we started to head home for the evening. We have some great ideas lined up for future investigation at this lovely cemetery. We mught not have gotten much this time, but there's always the next time.

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