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Ghost Hunter's Diary


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I'm so sorry folks for not having the chance to keep this part of the website up to date. To tell you the truth, I never imaged that the events that have come to date, would ever happen. The group has been really keeping me busy. We had lots of changes and act ivies going on. So I, myself have not had much time too myself. It's funny to get emails from folks demanding me to do updates and those out there that just want to know why I haven't been keep things updated. Just running the group is a full time job, then when you have a full time paying job (which AGHOST doesn't pay anything, So I still need a paying job) Forewarning to those who may want to start their own group. :-) But believe me I do enjoy it. Again I apologize for the lack of updates. when it comes to the website. It's been, me, myself and I doing it all. In trying to give myself a little time for me. I've finally passed on parts of the website out to other members. So as you can see we are starting to do some catch up work. plus we are in the works of having a new website design. In the past few months AGHOST has had quite a few investigations. These investigations are still being processed and we'll be getting more stuff up in due time. In keeping a very active group, we have found ourselves becoming more popular. I cant tell you how many chat boards we've come across talking about us. Some good and some bad. We were bound to be discovered by the skeptics :-) But in all, we've really come along way. So with due time and with all your support :-) we will do our best to try and keep our supports happy. We got a conference coming up and a few guest speaking spots. So I will do my best to keep you all informed with what's going on with AGHOST and myself. Thank you all for being so supportive

Happy and Safe Hunting