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Ghost Hunter's Diary


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Things have really picked up for us! Joining forces with The Psychic Spectrum has been a very positive move for us. It has provide us with a home base, and a much larger meeting space with tools for producing a great meeting. Most importantly, we have met some really great folks. Skip and Sharon (the owners) have really gone out of their way to make us feel welcome. It seems they are thinking of having us take over their ghost hunts once a month. WOW!!   It seems the last one they conducted had about 40 people attend. That's a lot of people to have in one spot. I am always up for a new challenge, and in time, A.G.H.O.S.T could become that large. So, it's better to start now and figure out a plan on how to work with more folks. The good thing about our group is we do provide more activities for our members,  so there's always something to do. With two investigations, one expedition, and two meetings a month, we should be able to fill the needs of all our members. Some of them might get sick of all this ghost stuff, but I know I never will.

Tekbug has just put out a great story about us. I just wish we could have had more evidence to provide from our Oxford investigation. We did get some good video footage of orbs down in the bottom bar... too bad they can't post video footage on paper! I still feel it was a good story, and a great cartoon picture of Patricia and I. The story also covered some of the hot spots in Seattle and some other interviews with WSGS and Jeff Davis. We do provide a link if you want to see the article for yourself. Just go to our Media Coverage page.

One great thing is, we got an awesome apparition on video at a local cemetery while on an expedition. I'm hoping that I'll be able to post the new video footage soon. This one is great! It shows Patricia taking a picture, and right next to her a face appears. It moves forard... then turns away and disappears... just as Patricia walks through it! Poor girl didn't feel a thing! Unfortunately we didn't notice this until viewing the tape at a later date.

Well folks, I got to keep this short due to all the stuff going on this month.