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Ghost Hunter's Diary


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Well, as you can see things have been pretty busy for me. I've finished all our new forms, so now we can provide you with more detailed investigation reports. I also have been working on some changes on the website, so you'll be able to see all that real soon. Plus, there's lots of new stuff coming up for us.

We have had a few new members join us while a few stepped out for a bit while they got their lives in order. This should be expected while trying to run a non-profit group. Things will always be changing for us, and they do say change is good... for us it has been. The new members that have chosen to join us are so full of the ghost hunting spirit that it makes it even more enjoyable to see them having such a good time along with us. One newest member "Mike M.", we met while Patricia, Joel and I where doing some expeditions in Snohomish. We decided to check out the haunted library in the area. This is a library that has a ghost cam running in it, so the group could not pass this one up. Well, to keep the story short, we found out that Mike had been one of the folks who worked for this library and he was so excited to show us around. It ended up being a hour long tour filled with tons of information. It seems Mike had made the library's ghost his own personal quest to "Solve the Mystery", and so it seems he did. We left the library overwhelmed with information. We knew we had to see if it would be possible to get Mike on our team. Now he's our Director of Research. He'll be the guy informing all of us on the history of the sites of most of our investigations. Next we had Crystal join in on our group. Now here's a person that took us on full force. I mean, after briefly talking to her she started writing up agendas and do her own research. "WOW"! She showed us that she definitely wanted to take on a higher roll in the group, and so she has. Now she's our Secretary of Research.  This will give her the responsibility of looking into possible locations,  being in charge of reminders and keeping records. Last but not least, we had Rudy join. I really hadn't had a chance to get to know him for he's been real busy so far...I'm sure he'll have plenty of talents to add to our group.

I do want to take the time and thank those who have written us with great positive feed back with comparing us to some of the other groups out there. But I do have to remind you all out there. We are not here to "outdo" any other ghost hunting groups. We just want to share our info with all of you. All of you  can come up with your own ideas, and hopefully other groups can learn from us...just as we have learned from those ahead of us. We believe that this knowledge should be shared to help us all come together because we all know the truth is out there...we just have to work together to find it.

Now, before I bring this to a close, once again... feel free to drop us a line. We welcome your suggestions or comments. I want to do my best to make sure all our viewers are happy with what they find on our website. So as always, please have a happy & safe hunting trip.