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Ghost Hunter's Diary
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I can't believe it's been 6 months for us and how quickly this whole thing took off. It's been a major head rush with media and lots of e-mails. I can honestly say that I've found the path that I was chosen for and like I tell everyone, it's a full time job with no pay, but great benefits . Some of the benefits in doing this have been meeting great people, seeing some really cool places you would have never thought of going to, and coming across something that might be supernatural. The greatest benefit of all is the team. We've really built us a great family here. I remember one night when we just got done doing an investigation and we all stopped at a local restaurant for dinner. I took a long moment and looked around that table, listening to the laughter of friends and thinking "Wow, I'm the reason all these folk are here today and how they all met"!! It made me feel real good about the whole thing.

Now, the road hasn't been all that easy. As I surf the web I see there are a lot of ghost hunting groups out there that have died, and my heart goes out to them. I can clearly see that this is a lot of work, and I pray that we don't fall victim to failure. Now, I know there are going to be skeptics out there, and we will run into them from time to time, but here's our deal. We are not rocket scientists, nor are we a bunch of John Edwards, and we are not doctors in the field of paranormal. WE ARE, and I quote, your average folks. The people you go to work with, the folks next door. We are not claiming to be something special. We, just like you, want to know the truth, and what better way to find it but by going out there and looking for it ourselves. Now, we do know what we are doing, through books and videos, and most of us have been doing this kind of stuff for years. Our goal is to find the facts and lay them on the table... for you...our viewer, to decide. We won't exaggerate the truth just to make it look good or make up s**t to make us look good. It will be the GOD's honest truth and if we bore you, I truly apologize. We take our ghost hunting very seriously and like I said, we are here just to lay the facts on the table for those out there that want to see or know what's going on. I think we all know there's something going on , and if we didn't think that, we sure wouldn't be here right now... would we?

I'm 29 and grew up with a very open-minded family, which could explain why I'm so into this kind of stuff. My mother would read us kids some of the coolest ghost stories she would come across. Granted, she wouldn't be able to get us to bed afterwards, because we'd be up most of the night scared s**tless. But I do have to say thanks Mom, for turning me into the ghost hunter I am today . Some folks would be proud.

I, myself have not had a ghost experience yet. I've seen and heard some strange things in my life, but haven't come face to face with one. In this line of work I'm sure I'm increasing my chances. To be honest, it kinda scares me. I'm only human. What will my first apparition experience be? For anyone that says they don't get scared, I don't believe it. Come on! Were dealing with the supernatural and we all know we have no idea what to expect. Now granted, 95% of the cases are harmless, but it's that other 5% that makes you think in the back of your mind... what could happen this time? So, I've been finding myself being very cautious when we go into new places, as I'd advise anyone else in this field to do.

Well, to bring this page to a close, I'm hoping this whole diary thing will turn out good, or I'll just get a bunch of e-mails from you all laughing at me. Either way, I want to approach this in a very honest and personal way, and to let everyone out there know we are not crazy, and there is something going on here. Now what? We hope to find out. So keep an open mind with what we have to say, and feel free to let us know what you think.

Happy & Safe Hunting!!