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Ghost Hunter's Diary


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Well, when you ask, you shall receive. I've gotten some mixed reviews on the ghost hunter's diary. It seems some folks out there think that I'm being somewhat self absorbed. I do hate to remind everyone that this is MY diary, and of course it's going to be all about me... and my feelings. That's what a diary is all about, and it does state this on the front page. As for other comments, it seems many people like the idea of my journals, they just wish I would talk more about the investigations. I will do my best to leave you all with more feedback on this. Also, someone left a comment on our guest book page, referring to the fact that we have deleted some of the negative remarks left by others. This is true, we have gotten our share of mean comments, just like other ghost groups out there, but they don't have the nerve to leave any contact info. If they are not willing to let us comment back, or even give us a chance to find out more about what they are talking about, how can I take this seriously? We have had our share of rude comments from others as pranks... it seems there are still people out there that have nothing better to do.  I'm sure other groups have had there share of this as well.  I'm trying to provide our readers and members a positive atmosphere, and it doesn't help when you have others leaving prankish remarks. I have no problem taking constructive criticism. If it's left in that manner, and not in a very negative way. I also know there are folks out there that most likely won't like what we are doing, and for those in this know what I mean. This is all to be expected, and I will do my best to go with the flow. So, for those who don't like what we are doing, MOVE ON and find something better to do with your time.

Thing have been incredibly busy. We have just expanded to the north end. Now there's A.G.H.O.S.T.2 (Amateur Ghost Hunters of Snohomish Territory). This is somewhat of a trial run. I'm waiting to see what the turnout will be. I have a feeling it will do ok. The only problem is I won't be able to devote all my time to it. As it is, A.G.H.O.S.T. already takes most of my time. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed in hoping that Mike can take this on. I've forewarned him on some of the hard work that is ahead. Good Luck Mike!J Recently we met FSI. They seem to be a great group of guys that have been doing some work down in the south end. They showed up at our last meeting, and have made it known that they want to do some work with us. So, we will be joining forces in some of our investigations in the future. I have a feeling this will be another good step for us. Bringing everyone together will better our chances at finding what we are looking for.

Next, we've had two investigations last month. They were both pretty quiet as far as activity goes. Just your basic run of the mill. We did pick up orb activity, but that seem to be it. The psychic end of it seemed to be more of the interesting part of both of them. As always, it's one of those instances where you've got to be at the right place at the right time. I sometimes wish there was an easier way to do this... there should be some sort of button we can push for all activity to start up. But then that would be too easy, and it would take away from the excitement you feel when you do get the activity you're looking for. There's nothing that can beat that feeling! Its almost as good as s-e-_ , I mean chocolate. Oh my god... Oh my god... Did you see that?! you know what I mean J .

There has been one recent case that brings an important topic to mind. We came across obvious drug use from the owners of the house we investigated. Now, the fact that they admitted to the use of pot when some of the phenomena was witnessed, totally discredits their reports. Now, I'm not saying that it didn't happen... but from a scientific perspective, we can't take it as fact. So, do we discredit the whole investigation?  No! It now turns into a case where it is up to us to figure out if there possibly some legitimate phenomena occurring.  This requires us to put their stories and findings on the back burner, and starting from scratch. Even though it turned out to be somewhat of a quiet investigation, I do feel that there is something there.

I am sorry there hasn't been a page put up for awhile. Like I said, things have been real busy on my end, and it may get busier. With Halloween just around the corner, the media has already started to contact us about upcoming investigations. So, as soon as things calm down I should be back to posting two pages a month.

As always be careful out there.


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