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Ghost Hunter's Diary


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Well, I got back from my trip to California and ended up having a good time. The trip was planned to check out a few things. One was to see about a friend's haunted house. This house is said to be haunted by an old woman that had died there. Due to conflict of schedules I didn't get to spend much time there, but I did get a few nice orbs in the area. Next, I was to meet with the Hollywood ghost group known as the Greater Hollywood Paranormal Society run by Frank. They were having a meeting and then an investigation afterwards. I got there at 7pm on the 15th with my silver cases of ghost hunting toys. Their meeting was small, but they seemed very pleased to have me there. Then at around 9pm, we started the investigation at the apartment building which Frank managed and lived in. We did seem to pick up some orb activity on infrared in his apartment and down in the basement. I do want to say hi to Frank and his gang..."Hi guys"!! It seems Frank is planning a trip up here sometime in July. I'll keep you all posted on that.

Things have been pretty busy around here. The group seems to be getting a lot of attention. I've noticed we seem to get about 60 website hits a day, plus I'm getting some e-mails from all over the world. "Wow"! I never would have thought it would have gotten this far. I just had our Tech Director do an hour long radio interview with Hilly Rose. I'm hoping that went well...I'm sure it did... Vorpral's a very smart guy, and a great addition to our group. We wouldn't be as far as we are technically, if it wasn't for him. I can't wait for you all to see the new stuff he's building for us. Boys and their toys :-) I've decided to start passing out some of this media attention on to other members because it's a group effort and I'd like more of my members to get involved. My main focus has been getting this website up to date, and I know I've been slacking. Sorry everyone. I've also been planning some trips for AGHOST to take. We'd like to do something really special for our one-year anniversary. Maybe London? They have some great group fares. But for now we got a trip to Oregon and Spokane lined up. I'll keep you posted on those also.

I tell ya, you sure do learn a lot more about computers once you start doing your own website. For some strange reason our website keeps growing and growing. I've been doing some research on some new ideas I have for the site. That's another reason why I've been slacking. I needed to find more stuff to get more of our viewers involved in, and I'm hoping these will work. I just wish folks would leave more comments about the website. Oh sure, I get a lot of "great website"..."love your site"... or "awesome site dude"... I'd just like to get other feed back on how they feel about some of my pages or ideas on what I could do to make the site more fun. Well with that in mind, I'll bring this to a close. 

Happy & safe hunting