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Man By The Window        04/07/02

I stumbled upon our site and decided to share my experience.  I will give you some quick background information.  I live in a 3 story house in Kitsap County, Washington.  I have an authentic Ouija board which, to my mistake, I have used.  I used to use it quite often actually but now I dear not touch it.  The house is only about 10 years old and we are the second owners.  To my knowledge I don't know of anyone dieing in this house.My experiences with this ghost started last year around April or May.  I believe the first experience I had was when I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a figure of a man standing infront of my window.  I jumped and looked away, when I looked back he was gone.  Nothing happened for a couple weeks after that.  But then me and my sister (whos room is across the hall) started hearing footsteps and creaking on the stairs up to our room and in the hall.  This happened almost every night in the beginning.  Another experience I had was when I was in the basement playing video games and I heard someone (or something) walking around my bedroom (which was right above me).  I thought this was my sister or my mother and I went up stairs to check on it.  Everybody was in the living room watching TV and no one had been in my room.  It has also violently shook my sisters and my door knobs.  It even shook my bed so hard one time it woke me up and I thought it was a earthquake, I even turned on the international news channel to see how big it was (and to my suprise there was no earthquake).  The hall and my room would sometimes fill with odors and that would then just mysteriously disappear.  Also one night, when my friend was spending the night, it opened my closed closet door (which takes suffiecent yanking to open).  At this point I couldn't go to sleep with out having my TV on for the fear of harassment.  Probaly one of the most terrifing thing it did was when I woke up to the sound of buzzing and voices.  I turned on my TV and it stopped.  When I turned off the TV it started again.  So again I as forced to fall asleep to the sound of my TV for fear of the ghost.  But it
mysteriously left after my family took a 2 week trip in July.  And I haven't heard from it since.  I am not sure what happened.....  But I do have this weird picture of something that I believe is an orb.  I was bored one day so I took a picture of my self in the mirror on my dresser.  It got the middle of my dresser and part of the mirror, and down on the middle part of the dresser and the left hand part of the photo there is this weird glowing orb. It is defintely not the reflection on the dresser because that it elsewhere in the picture.  I will have to it to you when I get it scanned.

Cynthia's Photos

This was taken in Oct on his birthday wihen he was around 9.  My mother-in-law took this picture as he opened the door for them.  Is that a vortex?  I wonder.



I took this picture a few years ago of the front of our house, just wanted a picture of how I dectorated the front.  Didn't know that was there until after I got the pictures back.  I call it my Christmas Spirit.

 The Family Barn
They are of my parents barn which has been standing since 1831. A bit of history of the place in the township where they live before it was a township back in 1651. A band of Indians called the Neutral Indians were obliterated in the Huron-Iroquois wars. This info was found from this site.\
I am going back down there with a digital cam and emf meter and a digital recording device.



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