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The latest Story submissions from our guests

Elizabeth M
When I was a kid (late 70s) we lived in a huge house in England, in a town called Feltwell (Trenchard Square, if anyone wants to check it out). According to the locals, the house had been a hospital during WWII.
The house was three storeys, had a total of 20-odd rooms, of which were 7 bedrooms.
My older sisters lived on the top floor, while my brother, parents and I were on the second. When we moved into that house from another in another town, we brought our day maid. She quit because she said the hair on the back of her neck stood up when she entered my brother's room and that she had a bad feeling about the house.
My parents hired another maid, and she went into his room the first day and backed out saying the same thing. She stayed on, but my brother moved upstairs with my sisters and that room was closed.
We had so many weird things happen in the house!
Once, my mother was standing on a stepstool in the pantry getting something off the top shelf when she felt someone kiss the back of her neck. She almost fell when she realized she was alone.
We could hear footsteps going back and forth along the hallway on the third floor all the time, and up the back staircase a couple of times.
Once, I was with my brother and sister in the t.v. room. Earlier we had gone to a fair and I had a helium balloon that was in the room to the right of the t.v.
Our dog Charlie, a yorkie, started growling at the balloon and he kind of "puffed up", like all his hair was standing on end. He backed out of the room barking and the balloon moved from the right to the left of the t.v. We were more confused than scared at the time. The dog came back in and laid down, but he kept one eye on that balloon. After about 5-10 minutes, it happened again, exactly the same way, but the balloon went back to the right!  OK, now we were freaked out. I was crying (alright, I was only 9!) and the dog wouldn't come back in the room no matter what.
A couple of times my mother went down to the kitchen in the morning and found ALL the pots and pans and dishes, etc., taken out of the cupboards and placed in order on the floor.
The only time I actually saw anything I saw a lady dressed in white walking across the foyer and up the stairs--freaky!
I remember my parents talking about moving but nothing bad ever happened, so we stayed in that house until my dad was transferred 3 years later.
I went back to England about 7 years ago and found the house. It looked the same. I didn't go to the door, just looked from outside, but I'm really curious to know if anything has happened to the other residents of the house.  It would be an ideal place for ghost hunters. I don't remeber the address exactly but it was the largest house on Trenchard Square (can't really miss it!)


Here is a recent part of my history with my "spirits":
I have often felt a benevolent spirit with me, one I assumed to be my grandmother who passed away when I was 3 months old.  I am, so I've heard, very much like her in every way, and I believe she may be something like an angel walking through life with me, trying to protect me somehow.  I believe she has attempted to make physical contact with me on several occasions, but never in a threatening manner.  I'm sure, that whether it be my grandmother or not, the spirit is female and loving.  I also believe that there are several other spirits with her, but she is the dominant force.
I'll refer to the spirit who I believe to be my grandmother as "the female".  The female had, on several occasions sat on my bed next to me as I was just waking.  I was never afraid, but always felt the shift in the bed, as you do when a persons body weight sits down.  Once, last year, I heard her speak and tell me to update my resume...I had a great job at the time, with no plans to look for a new one.  One month later our office was closed and we were all laid off.  Again, I was reassured that she was looking out for me, protecting me.  I had, on many occasions, felt I had seen shadows around my home(s), and had once felt something brush across my face inexplicably.  But for me what happened during the following 3 day period was beyond anything else...
A few months ago, I again felt her sit on my bed one morning.  Then again the next morning, but this time was different...I was awake and alert enough to know that I HAD to validate that I was not imagining her.  I was terrified to open my eyes, so I put out my hand to touch her and made physical contact.  My hand felt the folds of what would be something like a wool coat, very thick, rough fabric, a winter coat I think.  Immediately my eyes shot open, and of course I was in the room alone, no one on my bed.  I felt a combination of pure fear and disbelief...I had always believed in my mind and heart, but I wasn't sure how to deal with it being proven fact...I closed my eyes again trying to collect my thoughts, and again felt the female with me.  For some reason, I kept my eyes closed, I was not afraid.  Then, immediately someone else walked into the room.  I knew, without a doubt, this was a male presence, not the female, but someone or something different.  I have a young son who lives with me, so thought it was him, just getting up from bed.  I said, "Hi Ian, are you up?".  No response.  I felt the "male" sit down on the opposite side of my bed, very clearly feeling the body weight shift beside me.  He was heavier than the female.  Again, I asked "Ian, is that you?"  Then, suddenly and violently, I felt a huge amount of pressure across the upper part of my body, around the upper chest and neck area.  It wasn't painful, but felt as if someone was pushing down hard on me.  My eyes were closed, but I felt very coherent and told myself to push him off because he was trying to actually hurt me if he could.  I pushed him away and opened my empty room.  I was in a panic at this point and went to check on my son.
The next night, I was afraid to fall asleep, or even to wake up in the morning.  That night I felt more strange physical contact I could not understand.  I had several what appeared to be dreams, but each one would end with my feeling physically possessed...I would wake up feeling a "swish" go through me and would shudder with what could best be described as a chill.  The feelings I had were of an imminent threat from the "male".  I head someone or something light fireworks, like the 4th of July sparklers, in my living room this same night.  At this point I was buried under my bed covers, really terrified.  Through the blanket, I saw red sparks in my bedroom.  Only red.  During this time period I was an absolute mess and resorted to trying taking naps as a way of getting around all the fear I was feeling each night.  I was continually wakened by the sound of music, the kind you would hear in an old-fashioned music box.  Several times, I would have bet my life on the fact that someone was playing the music, but each time there was absolutely no one there.  I had experienced something similar in my childhood, whereas music would be playing with no one there to have turned it on.
I'm not sure what prompted this sudden escalation of contact, but I decided to take the offensive and tried to block out any negative, threatening energy.  It seemed to work, and the frightening experiences have stopped.  I still feel I am not "alone", though, if that makes sense.  I hope the "female", my grandmother will continue to protect me.  I believe that, by being receptive, at that moment in time I had opened myself to something evil, and the good won this time.


Darren S
This story is a little long, but very worth reading. It is very scary and very true!!! So here it is!
I live in NJ, when I was younger I had always heard about a haunted house. My mother would never tell me where it was. One day about 4 years ago. A friend of my mother's was visiting and I showed up and she happened to be talking about the haunted house.. I asked her where it was, my mother looked at her and smiled.. Now mind you I was 27 years old at the time. So she told me just a couple of stories and then she told me where the house was.
The story she told me was there was a lady ghost she had been seen in the front bedroom window. She knew the people that lived in the house. So I decided to check it out. When I got there I did see the lady in the window; I got out of my car and walked around the house. It looked abandoned except for the livingroom it had a sectional couch. I got in my car and started to leave and I had a bad feeling so I started to drive away and a black cat crossed my path.. I thought, "well this cannot be a good sign".
So the next day I was talking to my mom's friend about the house. I had an irresistible feeling to go back to the house, but I did not until 2 weeks later. At the time I was pregnant and was going to have an ultrasound that day. I had the ultrasound and everything was going great.
2 weeks later, I called my mom's friend and I asked her if she would go with me to the house because I wanted to take pictures. She said OK. So she went one way I went another. We met in front of the house. When we got out of the car I noticed that there was someone living there. I discussed with her that I wanted to go into the house, she was not to happy about that.
So I knocked on the door and a young man about (late 20's early 30's) answered the door. I explained to him that there is a legend about the house being haunted and I wanted to know if it was OK if I took some pictures. He looked at me and said one minute. Another man came to the door he looked a little older than the other man. Again I explained the legend of the haunted house, remember I was only told about a woman in the bedroom window and about the ghost did not like dogs.
So the man asked us if we wanted to come into the house for a tour. Of course I said yes! So we went into the house, we walked through the parlor, passed the kitchen and dinigroom and into the livingroom. There was kitchen appliances but no diningroom table and nothing in the parlour. When we got into the livingroom, there was the sectional couch, across the way was a tv up against the wall. Behind the couch was stairs for upstairs. The kitchen appliances were not there 2 weks before, neither was the TV.
This is where is gets scary!!!
So I again was talking to him about what I knew, and I started to think about the dog situation and then I heard a dog walking up stairs. I told this man about the dog situation and I asked him if he had a dog he just smirked and said "yes Max".
Then we standing there talking, he was saying that he had not heard anything and that everything was fine. I then asked him when he moved in, he said many, many years ago.. I just thought, there was no way he moved in many many years ago. It just did not look like he lived there for years. Then he told me "I put boxes in the basement where no one goes!" I said OK?? I did not understand why he said that.
So he asked us if we wanted to go upstairs. We said yes. As I was walking up the stairs I had a feeling of a dead body underneath the stairs. If anyone had a reading from me, should know I have a gift.
So we went up stairs, ended up in a hallway. Was a short hallway there was a closet on the top of the stairs and there was a large aquarium with a lizard in it. The light in the hallway had no cover on it, so it was very bright. To the right was (the bedroom) that the ghost is suppose to be in, to the left was another bedroom and at the end of the hall was a bathroom.
We went into the bedroom to the Right and it was freezing and there was a breeze going around the room. This was in June. There was no a/c and no windows were open. I left that room and looked into the other bedroom and then the bathroom and found nothing else.. Not even the dog we heard!
As we were standing in the hallway talking I noticed that the man's eyes were dilated and that my reflection and my friends reflection were in the aquarium but his was not.. He was standing next to me in front of the aquarium. We went downstairs because I just had a bad feeling.
My friend pulled me to the side and said when she was coming down the road, she saw a woman in the bathroom. She said she was wearing a white dress.. There was no woman in the house.
I noticed when we got to the livingroom that the man that answered the door was still sitting on the couch and had not moved. Almost like he was frightened.
We started to talk again and we started to hear someone stomping on the floor. We actually screamed the man just smirked.. The other man just sat there with no expression.
So as we were going to leave I asked him if we could take some pictures, he said yes but only of the outside and not of him or his friend. I agreed. So I took a couple of pictures from the outside and I got a picture of 2 red eyes staring out from the doorway. Then the man asked if he could take a picture of us, we said ok!! Stupid us!!!!
We went back to the house and discussed what we had seen and heard. My friend decided to call her friend that lived in the house for 3 weeks!
She told her what we had done, she was very angry that we went to the house.. I started to talk to her to find out why she was so mad. She had told us the other stories of that house.

She said that her and her husband and 2 kids lived there for 3 weeks and would never go back there again!!
She said that knifes were thrown across the room, crucifixes would be turned upside down, she explained that her daughter's bedroom was the one with the ghost and that her daughter had a figurine of a dog and every morning the dog would be in the hallway.
She also told me that there was a place in the basement that no one would go to.. It was a hole in the floor that had no bottom. First she threw in little rocks, then sticks then rocks that are bigger than your hand, she says they never hit bottom.. One time she was doing laundry in the basement and some weird smoke stuff was coming out of there, she got a very creepy feeling and would not go back into the basement, she said she did laundry at the laundry mat.
She also told me about a party that she had everyone was outside near the lake, she was inside and she decided to take a picture of everyone, when she got the picture back she said that there was a horrible face in the reflection in the glass.
She explained to me the reason they finally moved out. Her and her kids were sleeping on the sectional couch that she had and her husband was eating dinner-watching TV.. Behind the TV was a mirrored wall.. So he was going to take a bite of his pizza and looked up and in the mirror standing on the stairs behind him was what looked like a woman wearing a white dress she turned and looked at him and she had horns coming out of her head. He freaked grabbed the kids and ran them out to the vehicle and then woke up his wife and told her not to look into the mirror behind the TV, she asked why.. He said, "just don't" she noticed he was very scared and serious so she agreed. He picked her up and she stated that she had all she could do for her neck not to break. This thing was making her look at it!!! So she looked and then screamed!!!!!
They went to a family members house for the night. The next day they went back to the house to move out. They were arguing about who was going in first.. Someone heard the argument and called the police..
The police arrived and they explained what had happened the night before and of course the officer did not believe them.. So he said he would go check out the house to prove that there was nothing there. After about 10-15 minutes, the officer came out of the house:
He was white as a ghost, shaking very badly and he had his gun drawn!!! He looked at them, did not say a word and left!!!!
So they decided to leave their stuff there and that was that.. The couch that I saw when I went into the house was the same couch that they were on when they saw this thing.
2 weeks after I went into the house, I had to have a D&C because my baby was gone!! I had everything else there that a fetus could live, but the baby was gone.. I asked the Dr. how is that possible to have all of the important things available and not have a baby.. Especially when just a couple of weeks before that I had an ultrasound and everything were great?? He said he had no explanation..
I spoke to someone that is a paranormal investigator; She told me that was not a ghost but a phenomenon demon..
The End...


Okay here is the first one ... well n e ways I had my room in the garadge its furnished and everything... my sister and i slept in there well one night she was gone and i was there all by myself i was pretty scared and so i turned off the light hurried to bed and pulled the covers over my head ... just as i was almost asleep i heard things crashing like pots and pans glass breaking ... it scared the crap out of me i turned on all the lights and walked downstairs everthng was normal like when i had went to bed...
Another time ... my brother was visiting and I had to share my room with him and we had went to bed my stero was on his side and in the middle of the night it started playing as loud as it could go and so i thought it was him but he was still sleeping(bum) and it wasnt even the musik he listend to...
Yet again another I had like 5 friends over and we were all hungry and we went downstairs in the garadge to get something to eat and we are all scared being in the garadge and we were all going up stairs and no one turned off the lights so i had to go back and turn them off once i had done so i started running up my stairs when i heard an old lady yelling what i wasnt sure of but i looked back and there was nothing there it creeped me out and the thing is we dont have any old people who live by us...
This is the last one b4 i start to bore you ... i was sitting at my computer listening to my musik and i felt some one pull the hood of my shirt i looked back nothing .... then the hair on my neck started to stand on end i got the chills and just thought oh well its a little cold in here then i felt the pulling on my hood again this time it freaked me out and i thought it was my little sister so i turned my musik off and went to her room her door was locked and her and her friend were watching tv... I asked them about it and i knew it wasnt her cause she would have laughed and fessed up and her door sticks when you try to close it so i would have heard it ...
so i do believe that that place has some kind of spirt still there i am happy not to live there anymore


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