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More recent submissions by our guests.

Josh C


Hello, I am writing you from wenatchee Washington.  I leased a sort of single house duplex it seems to have been remodeled or something.  Anyway I have 2 digital photos that i have taken in the upstairs bedroom that have come out extremely ghostly, especially the one.  The other might be a light reflection.. maybe... over a month ago while we were laying in bed i heard a voice actually say a word and asked my fiance, Alaina, if she heard anything and she said no.  About 3 weeks ago I was in the same bedroom for a few hours alone and no one else had entered or been banging around in the house when a stack of movies I had stacked very sturdily i belive just tip over on the floor.  Almost as if they were shoved.  Two nights ago Alaina was sitting in front of the computer talking to our Daughter saying "Whaaaat" "Whaaaat" a few times and she heard a sturdy male voice say "Whaaaat" exactly as she had said it, right behind her.  She said she felt like she got shocked up her leg and our daughter began crying, right before she started saying "Whaaat".  She then searched the house thinking maybe i got home from work early and after finding nothing called family and told me when I called her from work on break.  We also constantly hear noises that sound like they are in the house; doors opening or shutting, bangs, tapping, etc.  All sound like they are coming from within the house but we search and find nothing.  Finally last week by our windowsill in the bedroom, towards the top right, there are several (5+) scratch marks, but they are not single, they are double like two lines are one scratch, repeated all in one line up and down. I noticed it thinking maybe her son Jesse had done it, but she had him stand on the bed when i wasnt here and told me he couldnt reach it... He is only 4. So i didnt really think he would do it and he hasnt really done anything damaging like that on purpose since i have been around him.  Seems to have just appeared.  Alaina's mom also has stayed the night here a few times and heres strange noises.. and also has a sister that has bad feelings about it cause she was having previous thoughts before she even knew about this.


Cairol W



We went to a murder seen from 1998 and woe and behold I got all kinds of stuff in that building and I would definitely like to submit.  My husband is now a believer.
There's a picture of a chair in front of a red door.  There is an orb on the right, facing the chair and just over the chair is a ghostly figures head.
The other picture was taken on the corner of the police station. I took a picture of their tree but it came out too dark so I almost immediately took another one.  When I did there was this incredible white flash and a gustty breeze.  When I looked at the picture there was a white haze running by. See for yourself.


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