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Here are photos with descriptions, or stories included.

More from the Sandy & Scott Collection

heres 2 more of my favs for u to show

one is of me and my partner, some one took the pic and this little guy showed up , looks like hes trying to hook onto me , hehe, cute !

pic two okay i felt this guy, i remember asking a spirit to show itself to me cause it was a dead night that night, and i felt like a brush up against my backside , i felt it , turned around and clicked the pic right away , this spirit showed up and i felt like it was playing a game, he was tricking me , i laughed. still at buckley cemetery in wa.

thanks for showing these, and i would love some comments or feedback .







The Sandy & Scott Collection

2 pics of great ectos, one is a female looking at me , no fog, jan 17, 7 to 8 pm. at buckley  cemetery in  wa state, this cemetery is the most active one i have been to yet , very strong energies there
pic  one  is the female looking at me u can definetely see her as a female ghost
pic two is a face, u can see a males face, big, and a big nose
 no fog , no smoke it was a full moon, amazing here at this cemetery every time , u must go to this cemetery  for sure.



first pic is my partner in the background, were at buckley , wa,  cemetery. this ecto is amazing, actually scared me when i looked at it later enlarged
second pic is an amazing blue light , at buckley cemetery. so beautiful and bright, i never saw anything like it , tell me what u think.




I live in Maple Valley I was wondering when you would be doing another investigation. I would love to come along. I have many pictures of strange things in our neighborhood, including pics of the Ravensdale cemetery. There is one place in particular that I wonder about, they are building new homes around the corner and Ive gotten some strange pics from there. I have attached some.  Tell me what you think.  Robin



Photos with Descriptions 2

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