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Anthony W

I have taken these pictures in my house...

the pic with the fishtank i took last night, i was listening to music and almost asleep when the music shut off... i looked at the stereo, the knob was turned completely off, so i took sum pictures and i captured it! wow....

thanks for hearing me out,

~Anthony W~



Jack's J's

OK here goes. My mother in-law died 2 years ago and my wife was totally devastated and still cries to this day.My mother in-law was very fond of my boy Jack who is 8 years old and on May 3rd has his first communion. My wife always said she doesn't feel that her mother is with her and that really has bothered her for a long time. This afternoon after it had rained a little bit my wife was in the kitchen crying because her mother wouldn't be hear to see Jack's first communion tomorrow and I said you'll have to get over it she gone and that's it. Well I walked out to the garage and looked at the driveway and low and behold I saw a lot of letters J's!!!! Well we called the neighbor to come and see it and she couldn't believe it either. They went all the down the driveway which is a 100 feet. They seemed to be written in dirt. I measured them and there all exactly 8" long and my sons age is 8!! I guess this is a sign that my mother in-law is with us after all. This is real I dont know how it happened but it did. you have permission to show these pixs on your site. Maybe someone had a similar occurance. There are a lot more J's on the driveway and a lot more pictures.

David S



Hello there!

I'm a 23 year old guy also interested in spirits (also in draconism, cryptozoology and any other strange phenomena's )!

I'm living in the Netherlands and the house where i live is pretty active (mostly good spirits, i think) and am kinda used to them!

A few months ago i thought "why shouldn't i try to capture spirits on film right here? I'm living between them my whole bloody life!" (and all the time i was looking and studying them on the internet while i live in the middle of the source itself)!

All i want is the truth!

I don't wanna be famous or go for the bloody money, just simple the knowledge and answers on to many questions!

Could you investigate what this is?

Are they really ghosts, or is it some kind of flaw or trick of light?

I shot it about 02.00 o' clock and it was horribly cold!

I've used flashlight on the camera and the room was totally dark (must have been a strong flash)!

I would like your opinion about this and what it could be?

Spirits or not? It looks like a bundle of orbs together if you zoom it in!

Furthermore before these two pics all photo's where normal and after these two photo's the film was normal too!

Let me hear of your opinions okay?


Fred B.




Johnny L
This picture was taken in Index, WA of Sept. 2000. I beleive it is a ghost, NOT A REFLECTION, because if you match up other shadows, it is in the opposite direction, it was overcast weather, and there was no flash. Well, I stand by my word that this picture is as real as it gets to a ghost. Thanks a lot! Email me back with any info. Thanks a lot!!! - Johnny L



Photos with Descriptions 3

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