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Here are some of the things that we are working on

The AGHOST Challenge

A.G.H.O.S.T. is looking for three individuals who might call themselves a real skeptic when it comes to believing in Ghosts or Spirits.

We Challenge this person to stay at a haunted place by themself for the weekend monitored only by the A.G.H.O.S.T. team. We want to see if we might be able to show these individuals that there might be something to this thing we call "ghost hunting". Each person will go on a separate trip alone. We will supply them with tools of a ghost hunter and train them on how to use them. They say ghosts tend to show themself to the non-believer! Well here's our chance to find out if thats true. Are you willing ?   
We are.

The Plasma Ball VS. An Orb

We are working on the comparson and attraction level that orbs might have to the plasma ball. We will be running tests using SPECTRE and onsite investigations. we will keep you posted on our findings

EVP Theories and Experiments

We will be trying to answer a few questions on EVPs and the equipment used.

Here are some of those questions we will be working to answer.


What role does a microphone play in obtaining EVPs?


Can you obtain an EVP even if there is no microphone?


My Theory

The only role the microphone has is to allow the listener to identify the known sounds on the tape, the better the microphone the greater the ability to discern the identifiable sounds.


I think you can obtain EVPs without a microphone, technically speaking the microphone has an operational frequency range in which it works, and  the frequency range is well within human hearing so if the microphone is able to “hear” then we should also be able to hear what the microphone picks up …yet we cannot!


I think the EVP is introduced at the circuitry prior to the recording head on an analog recording device.



Our Experiment

We will take 2 SONY TCM200DV, “A”  will be modified to disable the microphone yet allow the recording head to operate normally.


The control unit “B” be left unmodified and we will attach a good quality external boundary microphone.


The two units will be used in the same area where we have had success with obtaining EVPs in the past and we will let them run for 1 hours or until the tape has been used up.


We will use 2 brand new identical branded tapes


When the experiment is completed we will listen to the two tapes from recorder “A” and “B”

If any EVPs are found on “B” we will verify if it is also on “A”


Having the EVP on both tapes would prove the microphone is not the means in which an EVP is recorded. Imagine how good it would be to be able to disable your microphone between questions?  Oooooooohhh Mamma!


We will let you know our results, even if it blows my theories to pieces.


Darren Thompson


Technical Director