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Here you will find info on up coming classes and past information

Classes are on the last AGHOST meeting of the month at Borders Books in Federal Way. This is a discussion group with training exercises and guest speakers. Each class will cover a new topic and classes are held on a Sunday from 8-9pm. These classes are free to the public. If you would like more information on this, Please go to the "MEETING PLACE" page for directions.


Sept. 29th  Topic: ORBS
Oct. 27th  Topic: Terminology
Nov. 24th  Topic: Psychic Testing
Dec. 29th   Topic: Ways of Communication
Jan. 26th Topic: Tools of the trade
Feb 23rd Topic: "Cancelled"
Mar. 23rd Topic: Guest Speaker: Jeff Davis "Haunted Pacific Northwest"
April 27th Topic: Transcommunication Video Feedback
May 18th Topic: No Class (Due to lots of events in this month)
June 29nd Topic: Cemetery 101 (with field trip)
July 27th Topic: Introduction to SPECTRE
August 24th Topic: ORBS II
September 28th Topic: No Class
October 26th Topic: Halloween History
November 23rd Topic: Paranormal Photography
December 21st Topic: Solar/Geomagnetic & Moon Phases
January 18th Topic: EMF
February 29th Topic: Psychic Testing II
March 28th Topic: ORBs II
April 18th Topic: EVP training
May 30th Topic: Quantum physics in the paranormal field
June 27th Topic: Poltergeists & Apparitions
July 25th Topic: No Class ( AGHOST Event )
August 22nd Topic: Tools of the trade II
September 19th Topic: No Class ( AGHOST Event )
October 17th Topic: TBA
November 28th Topic: TBA
December 26th Topic: No Class (No Meeting)

Classes are subject to change or be cancelled due to events taking place

If you would like to be a Guest Speaker or have any ideas or topics you would like us to discuss. please feel free to contact us