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Photo Mistakes
Photo Mistakes
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Here are things to look out for when judging your paranormal photos

Some of the things you need to watch out for when trying to capture anything supernatural on film.
If you have long hair, keep it put up or pulled back
Take your camera strap off or make sure it's looped around your hand
Try not to aim towards direct sun or bright lights
Keep an eye out for bugs
Test to see if you can see your breath in the air
Make sure you or the people around you are not smoking
The dust factor is still open to debate, but make a mental note if you can see some in the air
Don't take pictures in the rain or snow
Check for reflective objects. Such as mirrors or glass  

Here are some of our examples of bad photos

Lens flare

Camera strap

More glare on the photo lens

A bug passing by

glare on the camera lens

Heres another bug

What to look for
With a bug picture you are able to see wings and legs and you can see the shape of the insect.
With a camera strap getting in the way, you will be able to see what appears to be weaving orbs or a light pattern
With lens flare or light glare. you will see shards of light or your orbs will have flat sides. Somewhat of a stop sign shape. They will also appear to be a reddish color.