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What AGHOST is all about...

Started on October 31st 2001


AGHOST is an organization looking to prove there IS life after death. In the field of the paranormal, we are constantly finding evidence that leads us to believe that death is not necessarily the end. Are ghosts for real? There are many clues that we have come across during our investigations, including unexplained smells, cold spots, unusual sounds and sightings. As you can see in our photos and video pages, we have captured many orbs (believed to be the form of energy tied to hauntings), and in some cases we have captured the ghosts themselves in the form of ectoplasm (believed to be the essence of the spirit).


Being that the world of the supernatural is not a regularly practiced science and is composed of theories, we do our best to document all the activity that we come across during our investigations. We have a very talented group of individuals, consisting of members with highly technical backgrounds, psychic and sensitive abilities, a true passion for ghosts, and even skeptics. Together we face the unknown with open minds.


Why Amateur Ghost Hunters? There are a lot of ghost hunting groups out there calling themselves amateurs, even though they have years of experience behind them. Again, this is not a widely practiced science, so it is really hard to call yourself a professional ghost hunter. There is so much to learn and we find our experiences during our investigations teach us more about the world of the supernatural. Most ghost hunters try to reach the top of that scale with incredible findings. After years of hard work and an incredible amount of patience, past ghost hunters have succeeded in doing so, and we will do our best to follow in their footsteps.


So, please join us in our adventures, through pictures, video and reports, in helping those who really want to know... IS THERE LIFE AFTER DEATH?

A journey starts with the first step forward.