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Ghost Tours of Pike Place Market

Sponsored by AGHOST, Inc.

This tour was from 2003

Fat Woman Ghost

Barber Shop

At one time in the market there was a very fat woman who was a barber.  As the story goes she would lull her clients to sleep and then rob them.   Apparently many years before the renovation she fell through the floor and died.  Some people have claimed that they have heard her ghost trying to lull people to sleep.

Madame Nora 

In the early days of the market Madame Nora presided over the Temple of Destiny.  An eclectic prophetess who practice crystal gazing, Indian psychic projection, and Egyptian sand divining.  Not to long ago someone brought in to The Pharaohs Treasure on the minus 2 levels a crystal ball they didn't want money but wanted to trade.  The mumbled something about a strange market woman living in the crystal ball.  The crystal ball sits among scarabs in this Egyptian shop and sometimes the owners find things moved around during the night.  Could it be Nora's Ghost?


Indian Woman

Bead Shop

Apparently an older Indian woman ghost was experienced in the Craft Emporiom of the bead shop.  The owner of the craft shop felt that the Indian Woman ghost wanted to leave but didn't know how, so she arranged for someone to help the Indian Woman ghost to leave.  She seems to be gone now but there is still a young boy ghost hanging around. Sometimes mischievously things happen between closing and opening like someone playing with cash register.  With the opening of the puppet shop the little boy seems to visit the marionettes in the evening. 

The Ghost of Shakespeare Books

Book Store

Several years ago the owners mother would come to work and every morning the same book would be on the floor.  She would dust it off and put it back on the shelve. Each morning she would find this book on the floor.  Eventually the book was destroyed.  Several years later a young author wrote a story sitting at a desk in the same place the book ended up on the floor.  Not known to her the ghost experience at the bookstore she wrote a story about the bookstore.  In the beginning of the book she describes the same ghost in the bookstore. How did she know about this ghost"?

The picture to the left shows a small orb on Darrells right shoulder

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