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The Haunted Pages
Twenty Common Mistakes

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Things to watch out for when doing investigations

1. NEVER Trespass

2. NEVER Litter

3. NEVER Go Alone

4. NEVER Forget to Carry ID

5. NEVER Forget to Tell People Where You Are

6. NEVER Record False Equipment Readings

7. NEVER Go Directly to a Site at Night

8. NEVER Smoke, Drink or Use Drugs

9. NEVER Wear Colognes, After Shave, or Perfumes

10. NEVER Forget to Carry a Notebook

11. NEVER Forget to wear a watch

12. NEVER Whisper

13. NEVER Forget to do Research First

14. NEVER use a car's headlights as a main source of light

15. NEVER Try to Bring Everything

16. NEVER Forget to Bring Flashlights

17. NEVER Forget Extra Batteries

18. NEVER Forget to Take Lots of Pictures

19. NEVER Forget to Bring Food & Drinks

20. NEVER Go into any Physically Dangerous Location