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The Haunted Pages
Living with Ghosts?

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Here you will find questions to ask yourself if you think you might be living in a haunted place

Things to look for if you think your house is Haunted

1. Are you hearing strange noises that cant be explained?
2. Are you seeing strange movements out of the corner of your eye? Then turn to look and nothing is there.
3. Are there wierd smells that come from nowhere?
4. Do you feel like your being touched when no one is around?
5. At times do you feel a heavyness or like the air has gotten thicker?
6. Do you hear whispering when no one is around?
7. Are things being moved or disapearing?
8. Are you having strange dreams of people and places you dont know?
9. Have you seen people in your home that suddenly disappear or fade?
10. Are you finding rooms in your home that seem to be much colder?
11. Are lights flickering or turning off and on by themselves?
12. Are you finding doors being opened or closed on there own?

These and other things could be a sign that you might be living in a haunted house.

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