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Ghost Hunting Tools

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Tools Of The Trade


These are some of the tools every ghost hunter should have and be familiar with. With out these tools some evidence would not be able to be presented to this day. As the ghost hunters today begin to learn more about the spirit world and technology keeps advancing. New tools will be able to provide us with the facts that ghost may exist.

The Basic Needs


1. A Flashlight with extra batteries

You will find yourself doing lots of work in the dark. So this is a must for safety reasons

2. A Camera This could be a 35mm, APS, Polaroid and the most commonly used Digital camera. Digitals are great for immediate results and the cutback of film cost. But note a 35mm or APS can pick up different results then a digital can. So try to use both when on an investigation.

3. Note Pad & Pens Remember to take notes and keep track of things going on around you while on an investigation. The more detail you provide, the more credibility you build

4. Wristwatch with a light This will help you to log times of activity and help you to locate a possible pattern to the activity

5. A Tape Recorder with external microphone This will help you to keep notes notes and the external microphone reduces tape recorder noise. It can also be used to collect EVPs

6. Thermometer This helps to read any changes of temperature in the area. Such as cold spots or even hot. Remember and Infrared thermometer does not read air temperature but surface temperature.

7. Area Maps This help to document any areas that may produce activity and will help you from getting keep track of dangerous spots or from even getting lost.

8. EMF Detector A devise that reads Electro-Magnetic Fields. This is the energy that spirits or ghosts carry with them.

9. First Aid Kit You always want to be prepared for any small accidents

10. Infrared Motion Sensor This will go off when anything crosses its path

11. A Compass A tool to help navigate and in some cases has been known to go haywire when in the presents of spirit activity.

12. Ghost Catcher ( wind chime ) These have been know to go off when spirits have been present. Of course you can not rely on these when doing out door investigations.

13. Chalk This is good method to mark around furniture or the sort which may be suspected of movement without causing any damage to property.

14. Two Way Radios A good way to keep in touch with our teammates while on location

15. Name Brand Video & Audio Tapes These will reinsure you of not running into flaws that you may find on generic brands. These flaws can be mistaken for paranormal activity.

16. Dowsing Rods With a properly trained person using these. They have been know to locate active areas and also grave sites.

17. Laser Pointer These are good to point out activity in the distance without disrupting it.

18. A level If things are moving by themselves is being reported. This is a good time to make sure the surface is level.

19. White Ball of String This can be used to make off areas or even to mark them when you are not able to write on the area.

20. An Open Mind Remember to not jump to the conclusion that everything strange is paranormal. You have to look at things in a skeptical way too. Just to eliminate any possible explanations.



More Advanced Tools to work with

21. Camcorder with infrared A great tool to work with in the dark and can provide more solid evidence and document the whole investigation.

22. Infrared Thermal Scanner This will give you instant results on temperature readings of surfaces

23. TriField Detector A more advanced EMF detector

24. Air Ion Counter Measures positive and negative ions in the surrounding air

25. Geiger Counter This is a very technical and expensive piece of equipment that requires special training to operate correctly. It's used to read the amounts of radiation on the ground, in the air, or on an object. This device will measure anything abnormal.