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2004 Conference Announcement


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Want to know more about ghosts, psychic phenomena or the life of a real ghost hunter?  You are invited to attend the 2nd Annual Pacific Northwest Ghost Hunters Conference hosted by AGHOST, September 25-26, Seattle, WA.  Admission is FREE for the Paranormal Book Fair, workshops, vendors, exhibits, and psychic games.


Registration fees required for the Midnight Ghost Tour of the world famous Seattle Underground, Haunted Seattle Tour, Ghost Tours of the Haunted University Heights Center and Guest speakers:


  • Dennis William Hauck, author of the Haunted Places: A National Directory of Haunted Places
  • Leslie Rule, daughter of best-selling author Ann Rule, and author of Coast to Coast Ghosts, to talk about her new book, Ghosts Among Us;   
  • Loyd Auerbach, parapsychologist and author of GHOST HUNTING: How to Investigate the Paranormal
  • Jefferson Davis, author of Ghosts and Strange Critters of Washington and Oregon
  • Antonio Garcez, author of American Indian Ghost Stories of the Southwest as well as The Adobe Angels series
  • and many more!  

For information and registration costs, please visit the AGHOST website at:


or call the AGHOST line:  425-246-1104


or email AGHOST at:

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