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FUNNY PHOTOS, BLOOPER VIDEO FOOTAGE, and SOUND FILES of AGHOST members at investigations and events!


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The Story:  Crystal, Ross, Stef, Kendra, and Chad decided to have a small party in Jeff Davis' room, which happened to be the haunted room.  The following picture is one of our president's more prettier moments of that night.  Tell me, what is that growing out of his forehead??


Our Head of Security, Tom Lee.....Intimidating, isn't he?


Who you gonna call??   Mike the Ghostbuster...(that's Steph R. under the sheet)



Picture taken by AGHOST member, Sherri Moddison.
Location:  Her farm in Blue Creek, Ohio.
History:  Late husband and partner buried on this land.
Paranormal Anomalies:  Possible ecto formations in center of picture.  Disregard the anomaly in the upper right corner.  It is a living person's finger.

This is a letter sent to AGHOST after one of our investigations in New Orleans in April of 2004. the writer is Ms Carla Boullion a tour guide and our host for the investigations!
Most of you know that I helped a group of paranormal people investigate homes in the Garden District this week, A.G.H.O.S.T. Amateur Ghost Hunters Of Seattle Tacoma.  I am a bit of a skeptic, but I was intrigued at how thorough these guys are, using magnetic meters, infrared cameras and psychics to form a comprehensive investigation.  I participated in 2 investigations.
1.  Lonsdale Mansion also known as out Mother of Perpetual Help owner Buzz Harper built in 1852 architect Henry Howard.  The scientific crew came in first looking for fluctuations in static electricity and cold spots.  Then they bring in psychics who know NO HISTORY of the building.  Charlotte was phenominal.  I watched what she did and followed her like a hawk.  At one point she says I see nuns walking up the stairs to the third floor.  She didn't know it used to be a church nor did she know the nuns lived on the third floor.  She saw an old woman in a red dress sitting on the balcony.  Mrs. Harper passed last summer and she frequently wore red and sat on the porch.  She continually referred to the spirits as benevolent.
2.  Buckner Mansion 1857 owner Charles Zambito architect Lewis Reynolds.  It is 24,000 square feet with 48 fluted columns.  16 foot ceiling on the bottom and 14 foot ceiling on the second floor.  Gabrielle said, "Mama, someone just told me to sit down and don't touch anything."  I LOVE this ghost.  I was chatting with the owner Mr. Zambito when I became fixated on the chandalier which has a counterweight system.  Mr. Zambito looked up and the counterweights were swaying.  Keep in mind each counterweight weighs 15 pounds, no one touched the light fixture and the air (conditioning) was off.  Darren got out his meter and tested all 3 light fixtures.  The 2 that weren't moving tested 0, the one that was moving tested at a 6.  The counterweights swayed for over an hour.  The crew of 14 people came in and all split into groups.  Going throughout the house collecting data to compare at a later time.  I went with Charlotte, Jill, Andy, Mrs. Zambito and her friend.  We get to the slave quarters and Charlotte asks the ghost to give us a sign she is present and the light came on.  NO ONE touched the switch and my hair stood up on the back of my neck. Charlotte also said the woman had more freedom than a slave.  Until Saturday I thought Josephine was freed in 1865 but I found out she came to the house as a free woman and was in charge of the other slaves.  I also found out Josephine was called the witch woman because she would do healing and delivered babies for free.  Many women and babies died giving birth.  In Josephine's room, Charlotte began to cry saying innocent lives were lost in the room and she heard women praying.  It was amazing how accurate she was without "knowing" the history. 
Whether you believe in ghosts is no longer an issue for me, I now know spirits go on.  There was no scientific reason for the events that occurred at the investigations.
I believe, I believe,  I BELIEVE.  Carla
--- Carla Boullion