Our Paranormal Photos
Western State Hospital

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Lakewood WA.

We had caputered so much activity here. That I'm not able to post all the photos. These are some of the best ones so far. I will have more ecto, shadows and orbs from 35mm coming soon.

Here's some nice blueish ecto off to the side

a bright orb in one of the Barns

A ecto formation around Mike in the cemetery

Some more amazing ecto at the hospital

More ecto in the Cemetery by Crystal

A small orb in a barn with stored cars involved in fatal accidents

A small orb found in the area where tombstones had been stored once they where knocked down

taken just minutes after the last one, showing the same results

Ecto up at the hospital where also low levels of EMF where picked up

Some more ecto in the cemetery

a small bright orb at the Hospital

A small orb in the broiler room

Trailing orb activity?

A bright orb in one of the barns

Here's some more great ecto shots in the cemetery that produced low levels of EMF

Click on the photos to see a much larger view