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Maltby Cem.


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The Maltby Cemetery is a tiny cemetery off the beaten path, and is rumored to contain the "13 Steps to Hell". Unfortunately we couldn't find them. It was a clear day at about 5 pm when we arrived with cameras and EMF detectors in hand. There were approximately 40 graves... maybe less, with the last person laid to rest in 1996. The cemetery was well maintained. It seemed the grass was just cut a few days previously. As we wandered around taking pictures, and trying to find these "13 Steps to Hell" (where you get to see your life pass before your eyes), all we found were empty beer bottles and cans. It seems to be the place to party late at night. They say this place is filled with evil and despair. We felt none of this but we did get some light EMF readings.

Vorpral getting readings

where the old gates use to be