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Calendar Of Events


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This is to let all members and ghost lovers out there, up to date info on whats going on with A.G.H.O.S.T.


Our first meeting

(getting to know each other)

We talked about ideas for the group and what cool things would be coming up for us.


Went over our handbooks
(thanks to NGHS)

We also talked about what and where we would like to go on our first investigation


Prep for field trip

Guest speeker: Mark from WSGS
we will be going over plans for our first investigation.
Learning how to use our EMF detectors and filling out reports (thanks to NGHS)


We will be checking out the Des Moines Marina Park. It is rumored to have a ghost of a little girl that shows up once a year on Jan. 8th. So we have to check that out.



We will be checking out a house in Tumwater, so do have your Ghost Hunting gear with you. Remember bring lots of film and batteries. T-shirts are ready so also have your 15.00.



We will be doing an over night investigation with WSGS at the bush house in Index. Any AGHOST members are welcome to join us.



We are going to check out the Manresa Castle in Port Townsend. This will also be an over night trip. So our assigned meeting will be part of this investigation for any members that can join us on this feild trip. ( we got both of the haunted rooms )


( Meeting )

we will be prepping for our investigation at the under ground



Field trip

We will be venturing to Seattle and going aboard the Kalakala for our first ever investigation. Also some members from WSGS will be joining us.

Wish us luck.


We'll be going over reports and photos on our past investigations, so all members need to have their pictures done and reports filled out. Then we'll be talking about our feelings on the sites we just investigated.



We'll be going over our past investigation at Diana's house.
watching video and looking at photos taken at the site.


we wnet over our investigation at the bush house, watched Cody's video's and went over plans for our next investigation.


( Field Trip )
We will be going to seattle, To take part of the Pike Place Market Ghost Tour. This will be at 4pm. Plus we will stop by Lake View Cemetery to check out some sites.


( Investigation )
We will be going to Seattle to do an investigation at the Seattle Underground. This will start at 6pm. Plus reporter Amy Jenniges from The Stranger will be joining us. So please no jumping out of bushes just to scare her :-)


To be able to go on any investigation you must attend one meeting a month