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The S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Reports


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Here are some graphical examples of what SPECTRE readouts look like. I am still refining my presentation process, but I feel like the graph on the far right is close to how I want it to look. The x-axis for time measures in seconds (so 3600 seconds would be the 1 hour mark after the run was started. The y-axis has several data inputs, though I am only showing one at a time for simplicity. What these mean at the moment is unknown - we are pulling up the video footage shot to see if we can correlate an event. 




FIRST GRAPH - Shows a 0.2 Gauss jump in magnetic flux for approximately one second. This is the largest seen in either run. 






SECOND GRAPH - Here is a double motion spike of approximately 0.1 meters (4 inches) about one second apart. 

THIRD GRAPH - A very small 0.015 meter (0.6 inch) jump, but in the positive direction, as if the wall got further away from the sensor. Huh? Could for a second, something slightly more solid than air have slowed the acousti-wave signal from the ultrasonic motion detector, making it appear that way? 

The following graphs were taken from two runs conducted on board the Kalakala, a reputedly haunted ferry that is being restored in Seattle. The runs were done in the women's lounge located on the passenger deck stern section.