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They joined us on our over night at the KalaKala

Kalakala's ghosts


By Josephine Cheng, Evening Magazine

Is there life after death? Where do we go when we pass away? There is a local group that is trying to get answers to these questions aboard the Kalakala, an old ferry docked in Seattles Lake Union.

Her aging body is wrinkled with old paint and rust. She no longer is a streamlined ferry sailing out of Seattle. Instead, the Kalakala rattles like a skeleton in the wind, and sometimes, while moored in Lake Union, she moans.

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Kalakala Foundation

If you listen closely, some say you can hear much more footsteps and laughter from passengers long gone.

Barbie Lumbert is not a psychic, but a sensitive a person who can feel entities that are no longer human.

She has come aboard the Kalakala at night to roam the hollow ferry with a group of amateur ghost hunters.

Kalakalas ghosts

Click on the video to find out if the group finds proof that the old ferry is indeed haunted.

If you want to board the Kalakala in broad daylight, you can take a tour on Saturdays. For more information about the Kalakala Foundation, call 206-632-0540.