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Marian's stories
When I bought my house in Shoreline,Wa I had no idea there was a ghost there. I always had male roomates. The downstairs always felt very spooky   Almost everyone who came over mentioned they felt creepy when when they went into my downstairs area. I have the laundry room and a bedroom and a rec room there.  I did not like going down there. One day after the male roommates moved out and a female moved into the downstairs I went down to do laundry.  As I was loading the washer i felt a male presence leaning on the door watching me. I have never felt so sure in my life that when I turned around I would see someone.  i finally got the muster to look but saw nothing.  I still felt like a man was leaning against the door. He was wearing a flannel plaid shirt and blue jeans and work boots. His shirt was open and he had a white t shirt on.  I don't know how I know this but I did.  I said " I know you are there and you are makeing me feel very uncomfortable. Please don't make me feel this way.'  I turned around finishing my job.  I still had the same feeling. Later when I went down to finish getting my clothes the feeling was gone.  I don't know if it's because of what I said or the fact that there are no men living in the house right now..  That creepy feeling is gone and people are no longer afraid to go into my downstairs.  I will update if this changes again since I still feel the presence of someone in my house. I'm just not getting bad feelings anymore.

story #2
I drive I-5 up to Alger quite often. I usually drive early in the morning around 4:00am. This is when I get off of work. I almost always have severe anxiety when I drive between cook rd exit and Bow Hill exit.  there is an incline and a curve in the road there. I know many accidents have occurred there. One night I saw alot of strange white misty apparations. I could hardly breath and the car got extremely cold.  I am glad to write this since most people I know think I am being wird when I try to talk about these things. 

story #3
My brother asked me last weekend if I thought if we had a ghost at our Lakehouse. I said Yes!!! he said He did too. He then asked if I knew what sex the ghost was. I said  I thought it was a male. He told me I was right. He said one day while there he woke up and a man was looking at him then walked out of the room. I didn't get the chance to ask about how the man was dressed or what he looked like. I will ask and update

Here is my story:

My roommate purchased a home in Kirkland about 6 months ago and I moved in with him.  The house is about 40 years old and is a spacious rambler.  Since we've been there my roommate has remodeled the entire place and his girlfriend has basically been in charge of the project because she is an interior designer.

A few months ago me and my girlfriend went to bed and she placed her earrings on the alarm clock like she always does.  The next morning one earring was there and the other was missing.  She swore she placed both earrings on the clock so we tore the entire room apart looking for it.  It was no where to be found.  I half heartedly came to the conclusion that a ghost had taken it because there was no other conclusion.  I said we should ask the ghost to put it back thinking that it just wanted it's presence to be known to us.  Two days later we woke up with the earring on the alarm clock. We were absolutely shocked and somewhat frightened. 

I told my roommate who owns the house that we had a ghost thinking he would laugh at me but he didn't.  Instead he told me two stories of a voice calling his girlfriends name behind her back.  She turned around quickly to find no one there.  When she discovered no one else in the house she got so scared she left until my roommate returned.  The same thing happened to my roommate when he heard his name being called to find no one else in the house.

The contractor working on the house says that every project he takes on turns into a disaster and he swears the house in jinxed. He says things happen that have never happened to him before.

One night my roommate placed a glass of wine on the TV which is a flat surface.  Neither TV nor radio were on.  He walked into his bathroom and ten seconds later heard a shattering.  The glass had been knocked over and red wine was all over the carpet and drapes.

I've woke up one night with my radio on and no reason for it to be on.

My roommates girlfriend heard my alarm going off at 11:00am and it's never ever been set for that time.

Last weekend my roommates girlfriend was doing some more painting and the machine broke down, she went to the rental store to pick up another one and it broke down too, the hose also unexplicable flew up into the air spraying paint all over her and the yard, she is an experienced painter and said that this has never happened to her before, never has a machine broken down let alone two.

It appears that the presence is not happy with the remodeling of the house and that is why every project attempted runs into snags that normally never happen.  The contracter swears the house is jinxed, we haven't told him of the other encounters we've had and the possibility of a ghost.

I could go on but I think you get the idea.

Holly's Story

When I was 16, my parents had a new house built in Woodinville, WA.  I am not sure what the land had been used for before the house was built, but there are two horse farms on the adjacent sides, so it could have been horse pasture...just a guess.  Anyway I alway felt really weird in some parts of the house, specifically the living room by the staircase.  The weird feeling was usually only at night (sometimes during the day) and it was like the feeling you get after a rush of adrenalin out of fear or excitement, how it just sort of lingers giving you a small chill, but the feeling was coming for no appearent reason.  One night I was walking up the stairs to go to bed.  I got up to the 3rd step when something caught the corner of my eye in the living room.  I looked over and saw something...sort of.  I really didnt see anything, but there was a feeling that someone was there.  It was if I had a third eye that could see someone in the living room, I could picture it in my head even though my eyes did not see anything.  I had stood there staring for a few seconds when my brother Brian, who was at the top of the stairway, saw me and said, "You saw him didnt you?"  I said, "Saw who?"  He said, "The ghost, Mike"  He went on to tell me about how Mike (a former security guard or policeman) would come to his room occationally and talk to him, but not out loud, just in my brothers head.  He told him that he was there to protect my brother, from what?  We dont know.  All I know is that I made it a point to run up the stairs as fast as I could and not look into the living room every night (I dont mind friendly ghosts as long as I dont have to see them alone and in the dark!)
That was about 8 years ago.  I thought that my brother Brian and I were the only ones that had known about Mike.  We hadnt told anyone about him.  A year ago we finally got around to telling my parents about Mike as we (Brian and I) were helping my parents move out of the house to North Carolina.  Dad was skeptical, but mom believed us.  She said that my youngest brother, Daniel, would tell her stories about a ghost in the house.  She thought it was just his amazingly creative imagination, but now she is a little freaked out and glad to be out of the house.

Anyway, thats it!  No pictures or anything, sorry!


Stories Only 4