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Tanya's Story

I stumbled over your website and decided to share my story with you, on the 11th of October 02 i was took a picture of my staircase with a Digital Camera when i put these pictures on my computer i found a strange image on the front of my door. I questioned my next door Neighbor about this image she said that she has had pictures like this in her house. We checked other pictures just to make sure it wasn't the camera when we had taken the pictures we checked to see if these images had appeared again but they didn't so we came to a conclusion that this image is a Orb.

Our House Is Haunted
Well we know that our house is haunted and i would just like to tell a couple of stories.
Every once in a while my step dad will be sleeping and all of a sudden wake up and he can't breathe, move and he doesn't know where he is. That was just a short one.
Well the first night we got our new house my parents where asleep and i decided to get up and get something to drink. I didn't feel like turning any of the lights on so it was kind of freaky. Well i poured myself the drink and i turned around to face our laundry room and a couple of seconds later the door in the laundry room flew no let me rephrase that more like someone slammed it against the side of the house. There was apsolutely no wind outside and the scariest thing about it is that the door had been locked and pad locked and when my mom came out to see what was wrong she went to shut the door and it was still locked and bolted.
Thats when i realized the house was haunted and that is when things started happening.
The first couple of years we lived out here i had the same dream every night for a whole year...and i mean every night not just once a week...every night. It was about a little girl that died in a well im not sure how she just couldn't get out. And we have i think 3 wells around our house.. and everytime we walk across the lawn normally my step dad but he hears children laughing and playing.
I would say our house is what you would call a genuine haunting......where the ghosts interact and react with the person.
We are thinking that the hottest spot in the house is my room.....everything tends to happen in there. For instance my step dad decided to come home early from work (i was not in the house at the time). Right when he opened the door and walked in my radio in my room turned on and then he asked if i was home, then my tv turned on and it was loud so he said turn that down then it got louder and louder then turned off... and by this time he knew it wasn't me. So he went and grabbed our dog from outside... she wouldn't set foot in the house.
Also one night it was especially spooky in the house (it tends to get that way sometimes) and so it was hard to sleep. Well right when i was about to fall asleep something especially cold touched my stomach and I could tell it was a man's hand it was too large for a woman. It stayed there for a few seconds then i felt a pair of hands grab onto my ankles and almost yanked me off my bed. The only part of my body on the bed was my head.
And i sometimes get what looks like water spots on my ceiling even though there hasn't been rain for weeks and they are in a straight line of 4.

Two Locations
Under Haunted Sites, you mention Spanaway Junior High. This might be from a double murder/suicide that took place at the school back in late 1985. A girl and boy were going steady and he broke up with her. She was very upset by the breakup. That night (fall time frame), there was a school dance. She went there armed with a .22 rifle. She somehow got the boyfriend and his best friend to come to the door, where she shot them. Then shot herself.

Also, my son attended Spanaway Lake High School. The rumor among the kids is that the theater at the school is haunted and my son says that he has seen evidence of it. My son says that he and some other friends were eating lunch in the theater one day and the catwalk leading to one of light started to rattle and shake like someone was running across it. The catwalk is very visible, so they knew that no one was one it. Apparently, back when the school was new, a student was up working the lights. There wasn't a safety chain or anything and the boy fell to his death. From what the kids have said, the school and the district hushed it up. Any teacher who was at the school back when this happened refuses to talk about it. They change the subject. My son graduated in 1997. In 2002, we had a foreign exchange student from Scotland staying with us and she attended the same school. Shesays that she thinks she may have heard the ghost, too, but I don't know thedetails.

The same son says that there is a Retirement home in Raymond that is
haunted. He was going upstairs using an enclosed stairwell. He was
moving up the stairs when he heard the door open down on the first floor and then the door shut. He turned around and looked but there wasn't anyone there, so he figured someone had changed their mind about coming upstairs. He continued on up, but there was another set of steps behind him. He could stop or start up again, but the steps behind him weren't synchronized in anyway. Also, his hands were full, so he didn't have his hand on the banister. But the following steps also included the sound of a hand running up the banister.

These might be two interesting places to check out. If you decide to
ask about Spanaway Lake H.S., don't be surprised if you get the brush off from the school district.

Two stories to share
8/25-26/2002. One of my friends wanted to explore the cemetery in
Everett, but since it was really open spaced, we just decided not to even try because it was illegal. But we gathered about 4-5 persons and we were bored/hyped about getting freaked out. We weren't about to leave empty...feeling? So we discussed places we heard from friends. Suicide Bridge, Rainbow House, Mariner High School, Meadowdale Beach Trail, I-405, and Kubota Garden a.k.a. Kabuto Garden, e.t.c. We heard of KubotaGarden the most. In west Seattle, Renton. We got there around 11:30pm and left around 1:30am. My boyfriend and I got freaked out and didn't go in because it was so dark and because of the things we heard from other peoples experiences...sounds, howling, hands grabbing you and so on...But the other three went in...they only remember 15 minutes of going in there and came out an hour and a half of them freaked out, one got lead to another pathway...shadows of themselves and so on...they came running back because one of them felt a hand on his shoulder (tingly cold sensation)...I believe everything he says...but I'm skeptical because I can't find any research or stories on it...there is a house in the middle of this beautiful garden's awkward because this house is boarded up..all windows, doors...supposedly there was a family living in there and the father (reason unknown) woke up in the middle of the night, and one by one killed his family...I know in Japan that some believe that tearing a house down with such a accident is a bad omen...disturbing the house may cause the spirits to roam else where till they find their original dwelling space...and some believe other stories or tales or something...(Lack of my vocabulary..) I know there are many stories, and I for one don't want to make things up, but my friends acted very strangely...two of them that were spending the night at one of their houses, woke me up by calling me and telling me they remembered things clearly around 6:30am...both of them saw almost exactly the same things...and before they forget what happened, they recorded their happenings on a tape recorder...the first time they recorded their voice, it was my friend but a really fast, high pitched voice...the second time it was something possessed him the first time...but I'm highly doubtful on that...I just don't know about possessing...but both of them around the same time? The Garden is open to public for free ( but they specify only daylight hours, (my friend said he was normal after 6:30am which was when daylight showed)...but of course who wants to go at night...when we arrived, me and my friend noticed a light in the house you see at the entrance...but we all were scared so we left the parking lot once....when we came back it was off...Also there is a grave yard there...

Another story =) The I-405 one, my boyfriend experienced it himself,
but no one's heard of it. He was driving back home around 2am to Lynnwood, going a steady 70-75 miles per hour, fully awake. No one was around him, except waaaaaay ahead of him some cars. He looks at his right view mirror and sees someone running...(ON THE FREEWAY??) I guess he didn't think much of it, but when he looked back out his window he saw the..."thing" right next to him! Running! He described it as a "white looking blurry thing...but it was solid..." but he supposedly made eye contact...the "thing" was looking at him the whole time and my boyfriend sped up...waay up...and didn't look back because he was too freaked out...I'm not sure what that was about, but no way can a normal human run 70 miles per hour...

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