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Josh's Orbs



Lookout Mtn.
This photo was taken in December of 2002 high atop Lookout Mountain Tennessee.  It was a very clear night with no fog / clouds/ smoke ect.  All of the other photos were crystal clear.  Can you apply any expetise to conclude exactly what the nature of the plasmic / orb type subtance could be?  I have a pretty precise idea.  The history of Lookout Mountain is riddled with Civil War activity of intense nature. 
Love and Light, Robin



Ryan's Research

I'll start off by saying I hope this is the right address to send photos/experiences on your web site. I am doing a research paper on paranormal activity and a friend and I went out to a Lancaster cemetary and came back with loads of pictures with orbs. These were taken with an Olympus digital camera. I hear there's some criticisms associated with using digital camera's as "orbs" can be accused of actually being gaps in the pixels or something along those lines. I however, still remain objective. I had taken about 60 or so pictures. Maybe 20 of which contained no orbs. Was this a successful ghosthunt? I'm satisifed. If it was orbs I was looking for, it was orbs I got. Let me know what you think, did I just use a faulty camera or did I capture the orb phenomena? Oh yeah, I should also mention that it was a beautiful night out. It hadn't rained or anything.

Are these stars in the sky? Or orbs? I certaintly wasn't pointing the camera in the clouds. Heh.


I'll explain this one since it struck me rather odd. When walking by I hadn't planned on taking a picture of the front of the cremetorium however, I had gotten this overwhelming feeling that I had to take a least a couple of photo's of it. It was almost as if whatever wanted me to capture it on camera wanted to show off. Maybe that was just my imagination. But maybe I captured a ghost who wanted to show me some tricks.


Yeah bad angle I know. I don't know why I did that. It was a failed attempt to guess where the orb was going to move next (how I knew that the orb was going to move I have no idea). However, you can still see the orb only it has moved from the left side of the window to the right.


It looks like the orb is casting a shadow right underneath of it but I'm sure you'll see that it's just a couple of spots on the pathway. Yeah, I got excited too. Hah. "Wow! The orb casted a shadow! No wait, it didn't. D'oh!."

+2 Pix

Here's where it got interesting. It was a warm night. In fact at that point I was about to take my button down shirt off until we got to this point on the road. We both stopped, looked at each other and said "It is freezing." It got ridiculously cold for how warm it was before. So what better time to turn around and take a picture! Say cheese orbs! Oh yeah, and that square object in the middle is just a sign.

We walked a little further and I turned around and snapped another picture. All of the orbs seem to have not moved and have congregated in that one area.

There are a bunch more pictures, but the orbs that were captured were pretty faint. Some other pictures have just as many orbs as the one's shown above but these were the one's I decided were the best representation. Also, the photos that are all shown above had no background lights or reflective surfaces to disrupt the picture.

Thanks for checkin' out my photos! I certainly hope I was successful in capturing spirit energy for my first offical ghost hunting expedition. I have a few interesting details about that night (creepy noises, smells, feelings, sense of being followed and watched), but I'm not quite sure if you'll be interested in hearing about them. After all, it was my first time I may have been too anxious to capture a ghost on camera and my imagination may have gotten the best of me, however the friend who was with me experienced the same things I did so who knows! Let me know what you think!





Photos with Descriptions 4

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