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George V's Question

A picture from my sister's house. Think it's haunted?


Joanne's Orb

RMS Queen Mary

Hello Everybody,

Most of you are probably very familiar with the stories surrounding the Queen Mary, now permanently moored in Long Beach, CA.  My best friend, her husband and I are avid ghost hunters and just spent the weekend there.

Friday night we made friends with one of the wait staff who was planning her own ghost hunting after hours.  We met up with her and her friends and
snuck into the pool area around 2:00 in the morning.  We got some great pics before my friend heard loud knocking or banging, she said it sounded like a hammer on a pipe and at the same time she got a major rush of intensity telling her to get all of us out of the area so we left.

We were all huddled in the middle of one of the main areas (the Windsor salon, I think they call it) and my friend wandered off towards a storeroom we had gone through earlier.  She called to me and I wandered over there too, just idly curious, and she was standing there staring at a set of double doors.  All she said to me was, "do you see it too?" and I did.  We were looking down a
hallway, and saw what appeared to be a window in one of the doors, and I know this is going to sound like a bad cliche but I don't know how else to describe it.

We both saw what appeared to be a greenish ligh glowing through the window of one of the doors, like a dim night light, and what appeared to be a pale, long
faced man staring at us through the glass.  In fact, we checked each other's perceptions right then and there to make sure we were seeing the same image. Now, your brain just wants to explain something like that.  The only lighting in the hallway and storeroom was very dim emergency lighting at floor level, but there were rows and rows of banquet chairs stacked against the outside
bulkhead so we both though "oh, okay, maybe we're just seeing the outline of the other chairs stored in that room through the door."


So the next day we're tooling around the ship and, not paying attention to where we were at, we started looking for the nearest ladies room and it just so happened we were on that same deck.  We saw a sign pointing down
that same hallway so we turned the corner, laughing about the night before, and stopped dead in our tracks.

There was no window in that door, just a sign saying something like "please keep the door closed."  We both had the same thought - they must've just placed that sign over the window so I ran up to the door to check it out.
That sign was laminated, and on top of a wooden block on a beveled frame that was either a permanent part of the door, or had been there for years and painted over.  I opened the door, expecting to see glass on the other
side, but there was another wooden block there, just with no sign.

Maybe there had been a window there at one time, who knows.  We can't say for sure what we saw.  The moon was on the port side of the ship, so it wasn't moonlight coming through, and even if it was, it would've hit that
shiny sign (it was laminated with a shiny finish) and we would've seen a shiny glare, not a translucent greenish light.  Bizarre!

The next night we tried to take an elevator from the top deck at the stern of the ship to the "R" deck and something funky happened.  We three got in, saw my
friend push the "R" button and saw it light up, only the elevator didn't stop at the "R" deck.  It stopped one deck below, in an area not open to the public. We found out later that this area is near what was purportedly the
ship's morgue (we didn't know this at the time).  And then when we tried to go back up, the doors wouldn't close all the way.  We tried a couple of times, and
tried to get back up to several different decks but finally my claustrophobic friend refused to get back into the elevator so we had to find our way out of the ship (you couldn't go back via the decks, it was walled off) and
make our way back in through a security entrance.  The guard yelled at us and we tried to tell them they had a malfunctioning elevator, but whatever.  Stuff like that
happens all the time around there, they are used to it.

We also took a pic of the old first class dining room in full daylight, very brightly lit area, but it came out dim and you can see the orbs.  Enjoy the pics!

Julie W.



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